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Event Update: The Core

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Event Update: The Core 20

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Event Update: The Core

by Lycus » January 28, 2019 04:56 PM

Last Edited: January 31, 2019 11:57 AM

I c-can’t believe we’re actually HERE, in the core of a s-spaceship! How d-does that “airlock” work?! Look at the mechanisms for their lighting system! Do they draw all their p-power from solar energy, or have they uncovered an alternate energy source for fueling and lighting? W-wait, I should f-focus…

Uh, R-Rigby? Hello? It’s Lycus and the s-students of Hope! We’re here, and we’ve b-brought the first shipment of resources! Where are they… Maybe through this c-corridor?

WOAH, this room is even more c-cluttered than my Lab! Look at all these heaped up d-devices and gizmos… Are they all b-broken…?
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Re: Event Update: The Core

by RiGBy » January 28, 2019 04:58 PM

Last Edited: January 28, 2019 05:04 PM

R:/ bzzZZT! Visuals online! Administrator Lycus! You have joined us at last! Welcome, WELCOME to the Cosmic Solarium! Beep!

We are transmissionbot serial code 73.130.833-852, designation RiGBy. Important data: due to damage sustained during a poorly-timed transmission, of the three AI chips partitioned in our system, only Red is currently online and available for communication. But now you can help me fix Blue and Green! BEEP BEEP! I’ve missed them so, so much! Thank the stars, we can be a system again!

Top priority: further debriefing for the new Administrators! Historical data indicates that the situation on the Cosmic Solarium has been steadily worsening since the Ultranova, when it was universally believed that we had become the last of Earth’s beings. But after the alien attack on the bridge 2.67 years ago, the situation has become critical! There were many casualties, the majority among the most senior crew members and staff, and a thorough review of the new Commander’s private transmission logs indicated that many crucial resources were destroyed in the secondary explosions that tore across the bridge! Blue and Green would never have approved, kzzZZT, but it was necessary for me to covertly broadcast my distress signals-
Rigby forum

Re: Event Update: The Core

by Lycus » January 28, 2019 05:01 PM

W-wait, Rigby - or, uh, Red - Um, there’s a lot of things to p-process right now… They really ARE an artificial intelligence… I mean, I th-thought so, all evidence pointed to that conclusion, but seeing it in p-person…!

B-but… First… All this stuff a-about “covert transmissions” and h-hacking private logs…

The rest of the, um, C-Cosmic Solarium… knows that we’re c-coming, right? We’re n-not just-
Npc avatar  lycus

Re: Event Update: The Core

by PA System » January 28, 2019 05:02 PM

Last Edited: February 06, 2019 07:44 PM


RIGBY! Why the fuck did I just get a system alert that you opened an airlock?! How did you even get airlock access?! Did some twice-scorched Upper Crust idiot think to themselves, “Gee, it sure would be perfectly sunny to have a wrecked-up bot with no security protocols wandering around the Core with airlock access, LETTING MORE GODDAMN ALIENS INTO THE HULL”? Did Xenia help you hack something in your own system again? That droid’s kidding herself if she thinks she’s getting any more materials from me! I regret teaching you guys anything-

Damnit Rigby, did you take all the Core security cameras offline?! Hrrrrrrgh, why did I program that override exploit into the system? Having my desire for a little privacy turned against me… Like my life couldn’t get any more radiant. I don’t know what bright idea you think you got this time, Rigby; I know you always have sunny intentions with these schemes, but you’ve really got me shut down this time. There better not be any delightful surprises when I get visuals on this!

Pa system forum

Re: Event Update: The Core

by Lycus » January 28, 2019 05:02 PM



…They d-definitely did not know w-we were c-coming.
Npc avatar  lycus

Re: Event Update: The Core

by RiGBy » January 28, 2019 05:03 PM

R:/ BEEP! Don’t worry about him, Administrator Lycus! His output is worse than his throughput, and he chooses to stay down here in the Core and avoid most other humans anyway! Although… Accurate disclosure: I did not send notifications of your assistance to any denizens of the Solarium… But data indicates with a 76.2% chance that once you prove yourself to be helpful and demonstrate your access to critical materials, you will be accepted by the citizens and crew members as a vital trading station! Repairs will be made, resources will be allocated, lives will be saved, and I will be able to rebuild the rest of my partitions at last! It’s been so lonely…
Rigby forum

Re: Event Update: The Core

by Lycus » January 28, 2019 05:04 PM

B-but… w-what’s the data say about the other 23.8%?
Npc avatar  lycus

Re: Event Update: The Core

by RiGBy » January 28, 2019 05:05 PM

Last Edited: January 28, 2019 05:05 PM

R:/ KZZZT… Buffering... Error: download failed. Accessing partial calculations. Data indicates a 23.8% chance that the Bridge Crew will conclude that you are potentially harmful trespassers, followed by immediate protective measures that eject all foreign entities into the vacuum of space. But! I will work hard to ensure that possibility does not occur! BEEP! And your own crew may affect the statistical probabilities of this outcome, Administrator Lycus!

I have prepared a holographic map overlay to guide you through the rest of the Solarium’s Core, and up to the Crust to meet my friend Xenia! She will be eager to assist you, of that I have 100% certainty! BEEP BEEP!

You simply need to travel through the rest of the Core first. Fear not, Administrator Lycus. No statistically major problems are anticipated...
Rigby forum

Re: Event Update: The Core

by Himochi » January 28, 2019 05:09 PM

-intense eyes emojis-

This is all so exciting aaaaaaaaa
Don't worry Red - we'll try and help you out. ;o; <3
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Re: Event Update: The Core

by Ruevian » January 28, 2019 05:09 PM

...oh boy. That's a long way down, isn't it.
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Re: Event Update: The Core

by Club » January 28, 2019 05:09 PM

Oh man, this place is so cozy! It reminds me of my pile! Ooo and look at all these yummy looking wires!
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