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All Topics » Announcements » Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

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Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle 15

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Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Lycus » February 06, 2019 11:09 AM

Last Edited: February 06, 2019 07:24 PM

Hello, livestream v-viewers! We’re continuing our travels through the Cosmic Solarium, and I think we’ve made lots of progress! H-hopefully soon we’ll be able to convince the citizens of the Solarium that we do not present a-a threat.

Okay, let’s see where this map says to go next… Do I… p-pinch the Holoscreen to make it zoom? Fascinating! I w-wonder if I could replicate this functionality with Hope technology for my experiment readouts, or perhaps-

AUGH! Wh-what's all over the floor?! Wait… are these… heaps of c-clothing materials? And tons of patterns… just lying in clumps everywhere? Argh, this one’s all c-covered in sticky oil or something! Must be a trash pile, I guess. I'm familiar...

Let’s see… the map says that we’re in the Cast-Off ShuttleDoes that m-mean that this shuttle was cast off, or that it’s full of cast-offs?
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Elliot » February 06, 2019 11:11 AM

Last Edited: February 06, 2019 07:45 PM


Okay, Rigby, I’ve just about got these scorched cameras back on, and you can tell Xenia that her adorable little stunt with the monitorbots did not slip under the radar. There is no reason that bots who are designed to display security footage would need to know how to crochet! Do you know how long it took me to find and delete her moronic “textileadventures134.exe” file from their databases?! Every spare piece of junk in the security room had a homemade festive hat. *koff*… *hchh*… UGH. All right, ocular capacity at 87%…
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by RiGBy » February 06, 2019 11:11 AM

R:/ Do not fret, my friend! BEEP! If you check your folder of secure personal data files, you will find a new transmission with the title “AdministratorMissionStatement.ult” that will contain a number of informative briefings. I am confident with a 68.22% accuracy that this will improve your outlook!

B:/ zzzZKKZTtttop these hackers at once. Blast it! We’ve been completely endangered once again by Red’s irresponsibility! Administrative order: seek assistancsszzTTKSSSSSssszzzalert, ALERT…
Rigby forum

Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Elliot » February 06, 2019 11:12 AM

Hey, Red, was that a partially-comprehensible message from one of your other AI Chips? Brilliant, how did- NO, wait, don’t think you can distract me with some heartwarming reunions. Whatever justification you’ve got, I don’t wanna hear it. Ocular capacity at 96%... C’mon… Oh, and by the way, I’ve written an override for that security exploit, so don’t go thinking you can keep pulling this delightful idiocy whenever you-


What. THE FUCK?!

WHO! ARE! THESE PEOPLE?! Rigby, you ancient-coded, broken-down bot, WHY IS THE CORE FULL OF CIVILIANS AND ALIENS?! “Endangered by Red’s irresponsibility” is right!

And you! Goggles guy! Yes, you, I got a clear shot of you on my camera, stop trying to hide inside your weird coat and get away from my stuff!
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Lycus » February 06, 2019 11:12 AM

U-uh, u-um, h-hello, I-I come in peace! M-my name is Lycus Artois, uh, that’s my designation I mean, and we are the c-citizens of the Remnant of Hope, f-from Earth! We’ve brought m-many supplies and resources to aid you with your d-distress- er- we p-present no threat at all, um, we j-just want to help. See? I’m b-backing away from your, uh, “stuff”.

We received a d-distress call sent out by Rigby after some kind of attack - it got stuck in the Tatters, or, uh, the “B-Black Hole”, and had degraded considerably, but with a lot of effort we were able to-
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Elliot » February 06, 2019 11:13 AM

Yeah, yeah, I’m reading this same garbage story in the files that my twice-scorched bot friend sent over. Just because you figured out how to manipulate someone with broken security protocols doesn’t mean-

…Huh. These coordinates…

…No, that energy signature can’t be accurate…

…This document makes me want to hurl. You know what’s low, Red? Quoting my own theories about Ultranoval Dilation back at me. That’s low.

Listen. I’m gonna run these numbers against my bootleg copy of the mainframe, but even if they check out, that doesn’t mean that any of us should trust you. The fact that you’re surrounded by a bunch of aliens, just like the ones that brutally attacked our Solarium? That does not look good for you, whatever charming coordinates you came from. For all I know, you’re helping them orchestrate another strike, this time from within the station.
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Lycus » February 06, 2019 11:13 AM

D-do you mean the Kith? N-no, they would never willingly attack your spaceship! In Hope, we’ve found them to be nothing but helpful Allies. Unless… p-perhaps this was a situation similar to the time that the Kith were being mind-controlled by the mystical Narrator of the Shadow Stage, who used his powers to manipulate them? B-but… once they were freed from the Narrator’s control, they all became Allies to the Thespians.

For a group of Kith to take m-malevolent actions of their own volition would be counter to all that we have observed about them a-at the University. In addition, their c-contributions to the citizens of the other Remnants corroborates the claim that they are helpful beings. For g-generations, they’ve been instrumental in assisting the Elves and Dryads and Merfolk-
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Elliot » February 06, 2019 11:14 AM

Last Edited: February 06, 2019 07:45 PM

The what.

…No, you know what? I do not have time for this. Here’s the deal: if you’re gonna make yourself useful, you better do it fast, or I’ll raise every alarm we’ve got. And don’t think about trying anything cute - I’ll be watching, kid.

Elliot forum

Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Lycus » February 06, 2019 11:14 AM

Last Edited: April 25, 2019 09:07 PM

H-HEY! D-don’t call me “kid”, you sound like you’re j-just a few years older than I am- Hello? And.. he’s gone… Tch.

I w-wonder… Could he be right about the Kith? There’s so little that we know about this Remnant… The Ulusives may have helped us, but p-perhaps some of the other Kith WERE somehow responsible for the attack…?

Negative! Kith = helpful presences that never intentionally seek to destroy organic OR inorganic lifeforms! Shouting PA System = considerably unjust in assessments!!!

Wh-what? Who s-said that?

Suggestion = look down!

Greetings, “Lycus Artois Uh Thats My Designation I Mean”!

Nibblug = the being that is addressing you! Nibblug shall prove good intentions by offering you a tasty piece of rusted metal, or perhaps a delicious wire. Caution: metals and wires attached to functioning machines are not for tasting. Tasting functional machines = high likelihood of shouting and emergency alerts.

Uh… I’m grateful, b-but I lack the digestive tract to process, um, a d-delicious wire. And just “Lycus” is fine. Listen, Nibblug, I b-believe you, but for people like this "PA System" guy, you’ll need to support your claims with evidence. Your argument will be much stronger if you can prove your hypothesis.


HYPOTHESIS: Nibblug = exemplary citizen worthy of love and respect!

EVIDENCE: Nibblug shall assist Lycus with Operation Aid Cosmic Solarium!

Oh! Uhh? Th-thank you, Nibblug. It looks like I could certainly use the a-assistance… I suppose it’s time for me to g-gather some evidence of my own. Let’s see if there are any ways that we c-can help the Solarium and prove that we’re not a threat, so that we can keep traveling to meet Rigby’s friend Xenia…


[Continue to next Event post]
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Diana » February 06, 2019 11:17 AM

How cute! Nibblugs are now available to adopt in the Tatters, so everyone who has an available Kith slot can now head over and adopt one now! (Don’t forget that Nicholas sells extra Kith Nests in The Headmaster’s Office if you want an extra slot immediately!)

Also, there are new quests on the Event Page! Seems like we’ve got to work extra-hard to convince our mysterious new friend that we’re not affiliated with these supposedly-evil aliens, so let’s start filling up those point bars…
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Re: Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

by Ruevian » February 06, 2019 11:18 AM

not to be dramatic but if anything happens to Nibblug I'm gonna kill everyone on this ship and then myself.

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