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Caution: Thorns

by Voldemortimer » May 14, 2019 07:31 PM

Last Edited: May 17, 2019 01:04 AM

Lay me down on a bed of nails and we'll see whos the sharpest.


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Kith 1red


by Qumack » May 14, 2019 06:41 PM

Hello! I found this website through hearing others talk about it, and I wanted to check this out and see if I liked it! So far I'm enjoying this haha, hopefully I end up staying for a long time :]
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Kith stage one blue

Buying 200 gems [1:300]

by Leslie » May 14, 2019 04:31 PM

Looking to buy 200 gems at 300 shards each - for a total of 60,000 shards!

Also happy to buy in smaller doses.
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Kith nibblug custom galaxy

Chasserole: An Introduction

by Chasserole » May 14, 2019 03:00 PM

Last Edited: May 14, 2019 06:05 PM


I found this website perchance whilst desperately looking to avoid writing my thesis. At first I'd hoped to keep quietly to myself, but it seems there's a lively community here, so I hope no one minds if I join in.

I'm Chas, a 28-year-old PhD student living in England. My interests include:
- Dragons
- Birds
- Video Games
- Trash Memes
- Sewing

I really like the quests and building my crafting expertise. I hope I can stay here for a while!

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Kith griffon stage1 orange 200px

What is your oldest memory?

by moominish » May 14, 2019 11:27 AM

I'm not sure what is truly my oldest memory since I have very scattered fragments from when I was little.

My earliest memories that are more concrete are from when I was 3 -- crying at my great aunt's house when she yelled at me, picking out souvenirs at Disneyland with my brothers, and opening Christmas presents at my grandmother's house (a pair of lacey Belle socks and a toy tea set from Beauty and the Beast and a set of gold earrings.

What are your earliest memories? What do they mean to you?
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Kith dragon stage 1 04 green200

May not cry for the lost flowers

by Sheap » May 14, 2019 04:20 AM

Last Edited: May 15, 2019 01:29 PM

There is no more forest, there is no more flowers, I wonder, can I restore them?

The items are here:

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Kith blue


by sagetoz » May 14, 2019 01:09 AM

Last Edited: May 14, 2019 01:37 AM

I suppose this should be an 'introduction' post. I don't have a lot to say about myself normally - and everything I can say, I've put in my profile description. But I'll try my best! Heh.

I'm Sage, I'm 19. I live in the EST, NJ to be more specific. My hobbies include writing, reading, visual novels, virtual worlds, and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Some of my favorite things in the world are;
- Anything written by Stephen King - but especially, IT.
- Comic Books - Young Avengers, Hawkeye, Spiderman & Various others. I read a lot of Webcomics too, and am always eager for suggestions!
- Dragons, Rats, Cats and Frogs! I also like Racoons, Squid and Spiders that aren't Too spindly.
- Music! I'm a bit stuck in a perpetual emo phase but I love music. Mariana's Trench is my favorite band of all time.
- My girlfriend. I'm a big ol' lesbian. And this is cheesy.

I think that's it! I'm looking forward to playing this game more and eventually making my avatar look amazing!! <3
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Kith frog 1 orange sm

Forest Foundations

by Paradox » May 13, 2019 09:01 PM

AKA “The Enchanted Forest Dryads Deserve More Love”

Deep in the forest, there is much magic to be found
In the life that dwells in the sky and on the ground.
The trees stand tall and wise
Watching with all-seeing eyes:
Noble guardians all yet to be crowned.

^^ I’m fine with any sharing
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Kith seabun stage1 green 200px

Winterfrost Blossom

by Wandering Mask » May 13, 2019 06:09 PM

Last Edited: May 15, 2019 01:28 PM

Amongst the crisp winter cold, a single flower blooms brightly in the snow.


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Kith crystalwing 200px


by Reine » May 13, 2019 04:18 PM

Last Edited: May 14, 2019 05:21 AM

Hello! Unfortunately I haven't unlocked the Coral Reef yet but looking for a (supposedly) common item.

Is anyone willing to trade me Merfolk Scales for 100 shards (avg cost)?

Also if you have a spare, would you be interested in selling a Shimmerfin Circlet Pattern or Shimmerfin Top Pattern? >.<;
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