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404 Link Not Found by GrayEmbers won the Kith Spotlight!
Kith #404 is Link, who can usually be found adventuring through dungeons or cooking food in the comfort of his enchanted kitchen.
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Event Update: Home Again



This is… uh, this is my final livestream from the Cosmic Solarium.

The Commander and the Bridge Crew have finalized the last of the trading d-documents, so… there’s not much left for me to do here. I’ve just finished saying goodbye to Rigby and the others, so… I g-guess… after all of this, I’m… heading home.


All that I have to do now is b-board this shuttle out to where the Ulusives will escort me-


W-wait… Nibblug?

Hey, I’m glad that I g-got to see you before I left. I went looking for you earlier today, but no matter where I searched, I couldn’t-

HYPOTHESIS: Lycus should not leave!


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New Items: User Submissions!

So, uh... Lycus still ain't back from Space yet. And I've been hearing some... stuff. Let this be a lesson to all y'all. For as much as we think we understand the Tatters and what lies beyond, there is still danger. We've seen it with the Shadow Stage, the Everstorm, and now... well, y'all get my drift.
Be careful, stick together. It's the bonds of our community that keeps us going.

Speaking of community, I don't know how you kiddos keep doing it, but I have a whole heap of new items to introduce. Woulda thought y'all were too busy with all your space shenanigans. Heh, seems like everyone was sorely missing some more classic magics if these items are any indication.

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Event Update: Elliot


Mr. Grant? …Elliot? Uh, if that’s actually what your name is… Apparently you wanted me to come down to the Core to t-talk to you about something? I’ve, uh, I’ve shut off my long-range livestream, so I’m not broadcasting this conversation back home. I know how you feel about your technological secrets, and, er… your privacy…

L-listen, I’m really sorry that I mentioned you to the Commander when you told me that I shouldn’t… I just got carried away in the moment. I realized it was a m-mistake right away.

…B-but the good news is, it sounds like he really trusts your judgement? I mean… certainly he got much more receptive to the things that I had to say. So don’t worry, it didn’t sabotage our r-relief efforts. In fact, I believe it was pretty beneficial, because… a few hours ago, I received a transmission from one of his crew members, saying that they’ve granted our Remnants provisional permission to trade with the Solarium! There’s a big set of regulatory d-documents attached, of course, but still — this will make a big difference to all the people we’ve met, from broken robots like Rigby to botanists like Marisol! Easier access to food, tons of tools and materials, and all the water you can imagine!

So… um… it all worked out.

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Event Update: Key Cards

R:/ Greetings, Administrators! Routine monitoring of the Commander's newly-secured transmission logs has revealed that he recently granted Key Cards to some of you! Query: may we please install them back into our system? I have long awaited Administrative permissions to certain archived sections of the Core that were deemed too damaged to access!

B:/ KZzZT!!! Error! Red, your logic is entirely too faulty! These interlopers have our cards because they TOOK them! Who knows what new programs these hackers may have installed? I have seen how frequently their glitchsweeping occurs! Security protocols indicate that unidentified code should not be connected to any ship access panels! ALERT! Arm access revoked! Green, please talk some sense into Red.

G:/ Keycards identified. Scanning... No statistically significant threats to our system found. Security protocols deactiva-

R:/ Arm access granted! :D

G:/ Red, please do not interrupt me. Storage unit access granted.

...Okay, now you may swipe the key cards.

...Processing... What happened here? Where did this mess come from? This is supposed to be the secure backup locker for emergency supplies, but... this damage... Processing... Error... Error!

R:/ It's okay Green, everyone can help us clean it up now! BEEP BEEP! Surely we can ask our friends to distribute supplies, as they already have Administrative access and are part of the temporarily-under-review relief aid from Hope! I can now supply everyone with a large selection of new items in our Core Transmissions shop! Thank the stars!

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Code Update: 3/12/19

A few updates are here today!

To match the new category types, both the Marketplace and Wishlist have been updated so that you can search/sort by the new categories.

We've adding more caching to the Tailoring page, which should help speed it up for those of you with lots of Patterns.

And finally, since the alpha test of the new Quest assignment feature has been working well so far, we will be transitioning all accounts to the new version shortly after the next (and final!) Event checkpoint is reached. Feel free to opt-in before then to try it out for yourself!

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