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We look like each other!!! by Kochab won the Avatar Spotlight!
You know that thing where people start to look like their kith?
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Site Contest: July 2018

Ready, set, go! It's time for this month's Site Contest to begin! We're unleashing any and every Character on this contest, so any entries that tag an [npc] will get a reply! There's no theme for this month, and only one category: Art. Check out the rules here and enter to win the fame and fortune you deserve! And for those of you who don't want to make an entry yourself, Cheer on your favorite entries to determine the winner!

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Lab Experiment... Progress?

Lycus? Lycus, sweetie, you haven't moved from your study space in hours- no, days! I know you're not working on your thesis (I don't see nearly enough spilled cereal crumbs). Honey, I'm worried about you. I know you are upset about the review committee, but you can't just waste away inside. C'mon. Get up. Get out. Go do something! Don't think of this as a failure, Lycus, it's an... opportunity to try something new! I know science will always be your first love, but well-rounded hobbies are very attractive in a man.

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New Premium Items: Molting Season!

My, it's gotten unrelentingly hot lately, hasn't it? It seems that most Remnants are going through a heat wave at the moment! Even the shade-filled Enchanted Forest is going through their humid season which, I have been told, has a specific seasonal meaning for the Avoreals of the Forest: molting!

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New Items: June Recolors!

La la la~
Up and down, then under and around and that's how you weave a hat!
Oh, hey everyone! It's the last day of the month and you know what that means! Re-color update!

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New Recipes: HOTDOGS!!!

Okay, the coals are all heated up, time to throw the meat down on the grill. We'll start simple with the plain old Grilled Hotdog Recipe, which really couldn't be any easier. It's meat, heat, bun, eat. It's also good for more fussy eaters too, since I know some folks can't stand any condiments on their hotdogs. But remember, if you're serving this up to young kids or Kith, try to cut the hot dog in half to help prevent any choking risks.

If you've got a more discerning palate then I'd recommend you go all out with the Deluxe Hotdog Recipe. It's got crunch, tang, ; everything a good hotdog needs. This is how I take my hotdogs most days; extra relish if you please.

Of course there are lots of other ways you can make your hotdog up and – Plip... Plip. Plip. Plip! Plipliplop! Oh... oh no. Is that rain!? NO! MY COOK OUT! IT'S A DOWNPOUR! Tatters be damned, I thought the forecast was supposed to be clear today!

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