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Time to Fight Crime! by Eevie won the Avatar Spotlight!
Who says a superhero can't use a wheelchair?
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March Event: Lightning Strikes Twice

H-heellUo? C-caAan anyonE heEAr me-

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Flip A Coin Update!!

I have a small late night (early morning) update for everyone! Starting right NOW, when you win a game of Flip A Coin you will receive the new Flip A Coin Prize Badge! You can then select one of the available prizes that you'd like to have from the badge!

This should hopefully make winning feel a bit more rewarding and allow Piper to more easily add new items into the prize pool. Who knows what she'll slip in there next?

Hint: There is something new in there
right now...

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Forum Feedback

Hello again, everyone! It's time for another round of Forum Feedback. I've got a few ideas brewing in my brain, and I'd like to get your opinions on what you like, dislike, and prioritize.

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Site Contest: March 2018

As it is now 12:00 PM CHT on March 15th, the Site Contest is officially open for entries. You may direct any questions to the Rules for a Staff member to address; I am here only to judge by commentary. Winners in the categories of Avatar and Gallery contests shall be determined by the majority of Cheers before the cutoff at 12:00 PM CHT on March 25th regardless of my opinion. Exactly why am I here again? And don’t wait up for an announcement of the winners, as that will come the day after, on March 26th.

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New Recipes: Elven Tea!

Ugh, my back... I can't wait for this thaw to be finished. It needs to be spring already.

All right Tadpoles, I've tested many of you; pushed your resolve. And, I'm happy to say, you've proven your devotion to more than just the culinary arts, you've proven it to me as well. So, it's time. With the spring thaw comes the fresh young tea leaves and so I think you are all ready to tackle the great art of Elven tea.

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