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The Sea Snake by Kochab won the Kith Spotlight!
Grape, a Cinis from the Enchanted Forest, has made her way into the Coral Reef and--eaten through it!!??
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New Toys: Funeral Dolls

Eludance, my darling, please stop pulling, I'm walking as fast as I can. What's wrong? Why are you so upset- O-oh! Hero! What.. are you doing down here in the crypts? You wagon is well mended now; I would have thought you'd be at home.

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May Event: Lockboxes

Attention, everyone! I have another presentation to give on this month’s event at the Bank of Hope. Today we are offering every one of you a free Lockbox at the Bank! What is a lockbox, you ask? Similar to your Locker, a Lockbox is a storage space for Shards, Gems, and items that cannot be put up for sale in the Marketplace or traded away in Trades or Quests. For those of you who like to organize charity giveaways or contests, it’s a handy way to keep all your prizes in one place where they won’t get lost or used by accident!

Those of you who like being extra prepared can buy a Silver Lockbox or Golden Lockbox from my handsome hubby at the Headmaster's Office. Each Silver Lockbox will give you an additional Lockbox, while the Golden Lockbox will give you an additional ten - that's quite a bargain!

I’ll see you all again next week for another new banking feature to unveil! Oh, and, if you have any questions or concerns about your paperwork, I’m always here to help.

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New Recipes: Cake!

Thanks again for helping me bake this cake, Kei! Mom's been working super hard lately and I wanna surprise her with a treat but I have no idea what to make. Cupcakes aren’t going to cut it this time! I need a full, glorious, stunning cake! Something big, something fancy, something that just screams world's-best-mom-and-bank-supervisor! Hm, that'd probably be hard to fit on a cake in icing...

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May Event: Bank of Hope

Hello again, everyone! Ah-ahem, if I could have your attention, please? Not only will I be hosting this month’s Site Contest - don’t forget to enter now and Cheer for your favorites! - but I am also proud to announce the Bank of Hope is open for business as of today!

Every week this month, I’ll be able to offer you more banking features to help you manage those Shards and Gems you’ve been saving up! We’ll start today with the most necessary banking feature, the bank itself. You can visit me at the Bank of Hope anytime to withdraw and deposit Shards and Gems as you see fit! Though we do not offer any investment or interest services, depositing your savings is a great way to resist the temptation to splurge anytime a new item gets released.

I also have a note here from Admin Diana that says she’s added a safety feature to your Lockers with this update which will cause any clothing equipped in your Dressing Room to be automatically moved to your Locker from your Main Inventory. Items already in your Locker or Gallery will not be affected. Well, that sounds quite useful! I hate when I forget where I put something.

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Site Contest: May 2018

Piper, dear, please- hang on- I- m-my notecards! Er, h-hello, everyone! My daughter here tells me you’ve all been asking for an introduction, so here I am. Piper? Pi… and she’s gone. Well. Ahem… I am Mrs. Estella Artois, wife to Nicholas and mother to Lycus and Piper, the greatest joys of my life. My littlest, as you know, can be rather stubbornly impish when she gets an idea in her head… which is why I’m hosting the Site Contest in my very first public speaking… ahem.

This month’s Site Contest starts today, and I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for any pings to @Estella [npc] on your entries! Your categories this time around are Writing and Craft. There’s no specific theme for this month - I want to see what you all can do. Impress me!

If you need a reminder on the rules, you can always find them in the main Site Contest Forum, so there’s no excuse for naughtiness! I want to see some good, clean fun going on!

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