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Anyway, I hope you... like... me? Hmm, that's a little weird to say, but yeah! I hope you do!
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Code Update: 11/13/18

We’ve got a LOT of big updates to bring you today! A number of pages across the site have received some helpful improvements, including the whole of Hope itself! As a warning, these updates may take a few hours to fully process for every user. You may notice the site running slowly today, but everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Click Read More to see the full details of everything we've changed!

As is always the case with large updates like this, you may encounter new and unusual bugs in the code! Please report any strangeness to the Technical Support Forum, and do not continue to exploit any bug that breaks the site, such as by duplicating items or warping the page view. This Quest update in particular may show some odd behavior - please report those bugs immediately so I can fix them for you!

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Site Contest: November 2018

TAAAA-DAAAAA!! Kiths and Allies, the one, the only, the SPECTACULAR Fray-hosted November Site Contest is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!! We’re gonna have a great time! Don’ forget, we’ve gotta BRAND-NEW Kith Design Contest category, where you can design all sortsa dazzlin’ Kith stages an’ win a FREEEEEEEEEEE CUSTOM KITH SUBMISSION FOR THE SITE!!!! Plus, we have an Art Contest category, too, where you can draw your most favorite Kith!

I wanted to pick the AMAZIN’, FRAY-APPROVED winner but Andre says we gotta do it like normal, so the winners’ll be the ones that get the most Cheers! The Site Contest runs ’til November 25th at 12:00 (noon) CHT. Lotsa time for lotsa art!!

Fray, is there something else you're forgetting?

OH YEAH! Also you hafta obey the Rules to win! Sorry, that’s the… uh… rules! NOW LET’S GET MOVIN’! READY, SET, GOGOGO!!!!

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Staff Update: Site Assistants

We are delighted to announce our two new Site Assistants: Dread and Himochi! Both users had exceptional applications and long-time dedication to the site that makes us excited to bring them on board. Please give them a warm welcome with a comment or Cheer!

We've got a lot of tasks ahead of us that need the assistance, such as some quality improvements to Quests and a lot more uploading! Once we get through the backlog, we will be reviewing how many Site Assistants are needed and may open applications again or consider switching to Moderator positions instead.

As always, we greatly appreciate everyone's continued support toward Staff and our Tattered Weave community. We couldn't do this without you!

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The End of Halloweave

THAT’S (almost) A WRAP! Seeba and I hope that you guys have had an awesome Halloweave so far. Just a quick reminder, you gotta hurry to buy every final thing you want, because our holiday is almost done!! The Abandoned Arcade’ll close up shop tomorrow, and then we’re all done for another year! Also Mom wanted me to remind you guys that her Halloweave exchanges at the Bank will be ending tomorrow too, so if you’ve got any extra Gummy Bats, bribe her now!! I for one have been hoarding a ton of them to see if I can convince her to pleeeeeeease scrub all this fake blood out of Seeba instead of lecturing me about “being responsible for my belongings” even though I count as a kid still and that means I get a free pass on holiday messes!! I don't wanna, it’s sooooooo sticky…

Anyway! Go scoop up your stuff before it disappears, and enjoy your final day of Halloweave!

Spooctacular Seeba sits on the floor, his glassy eyes watching… staring… daring you to buy one more item, before he must face that most fearsome of Halloweave foes….

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New Premium Items: Autumn Jackets

Brrrr! Even with Halloweave behind us, a chill still hangs in the air! I don't think that's from ghosts and ghouls any more, but rather the warning breath of winter upon us! With the temperature dropping so quickly it's important that everyone bundles up to keep nice and warm. Of course a hoodie isn't everyone’s idea of proper fashion so I am very happy to be able to provide four new jacket styles to students!

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