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Tattered Weave

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Kith Accessories by Dread won the Apparel Design Spotlight!
Whoever said allies and kith look alike was completely right!
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New Items: User Submissions!

I've heard you kiddos have been all abuzz about some S.O.S. signal nonsense. I hope you just remember what happened last time y'all all accepted an invitation through the Tatters. Last thing I want is Hope getting overrun by any replicate cyborg body-snatcher jerks. I got a good thing going here and wouldn't take to kindly to someone messing that up for me.

Speaking of a good thing, y'all been busy huh? My almost-vacation from shelving over the winter break was short lived, it seems, and the site's fantastic creators have all come back in full swing. Hope you kiddos can take some time out of your fancy new questing endeavors to check out these new items. You wouldn't forget old Shady and his artist pals, would ya?

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Code Update: 1/16/19

Another update to the Event feature for you! After watching the progress for the past day, it looks like I scaled down the point rewards too far. I've bumped up those rewards, so the next Event Quests you receive will have the increased point rewards. Any Event Quests you have in progress will still have the previous rewards of lesser point value.

To keep from cluttering the News, I'm going to post all future Event tweaks here unless something major happens. Please Subscribe to this thread if you want to hear about any of the minor changes as they occur!

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Code Update: 1/15/19

Okay, let's try this all again! We've squashed as many bugs as we could find, and have also updated some of the pages to be more clear. You'll see that the "Event History" is now called the more accurate "Event List" and that each Event Quest now displays which type it is, so you know how often to expect it to refresh.

Please note that you may have to decline or complete "old" Quests before you will receive points from the "new" version of the Quests.

If you find any additional bugs, please report them in the Technical Support Forum. Thanks again - now let's go rescue a Remnant!

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Code Update: 1/14/19

Hello everyone! I'm afraid I have to interrupt the Event feature with some code updates. Many of you have noticed the bugs still present, allowing Daily and Unique Event Quests to refresh alongside Hourly Event Quests, and removing non-Event Quests from where they ought to be... We are hunting these issues down and resolving them as quickly as possible, but they have significantly contributed to a problematic start to this Event.

We are, sadly, human, and therefore have to eat and sleep sometime tonight. This means we may not finish resolving the major issues until tomorrow or later. I'm considering a points-only wipe after these major bugs are fixed and would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

To me, it feels unfair that some players will have a huge point disadvantage for not being able to complete the incorrectly-refreshing Quests or receiving the same Quests much later than other players. In the event of a wipe, only points would be erased, so that the Event Rankings and Event Checkpoint would restart at 0. You would still get to keep any Quest rewards you've received from the Event so far, as thanks for being our earliest beta testers amid the bugs. If you prefer, I could even retire this Event instance as a fun little "Buggy Beta Event" so you could keep the history of your current rankings, and we would restart the points in a fresh, new Event for "Broken Technology".

As always, thank you all so much for helping make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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January Event: Experiment Progress

It's finally here! Though the writing staff accidentally infused this update with bugs and glitches, I believe I've caught the worst of them and we're safe to proceed. Introducing: Events!

We will be revealing our next Remnant as a way to beta test this exciting new feature, which has special Event Quests that earn points toward the progression of your discoveries as well as a ranking system to earn Event-specific Achievements! You'll have to work together as a community to earn enough points to reach the next Event Checkpoint, and when that happens, you'll get an update from one of the Event Characters shortly after!

Now, please allow me to say that this is an early-stage version, so changes may occur as we test this feature. Point values, checkpoint thresholds, Achievements, Quests, and the like are all subject to change. If you notice any issues, please report them in the Technical Support Forum so we can get that fixed as soon as possible!

The News updates are still done manually, so please also be patient after completing the Event Checkpoint until someone on Staff can post the News for you and set up the next part of the Event. It will usually take an hour or two for us to transition into the next stage of the Event after posting the News, which includes this News update right now.

So, who's ready to discover what's next in the Tattered Weave? :)

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