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Quantum Nano-Optics of Semiconductors by Jasmine won the Gallery Spotlight!
So I work in a pretty awesome lab, and I did my best to recreate it here. I'm happy to explain any of the equipment!
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Code Update: 11/13/17

Written by Admin  Posted on November 13, 2017
We've got a great new feature available just in time for the holidays: the Vacation feature!

If you can’t visit the site for a time, Vacation Mode allows you to step away without worrying about penalties. While in Vacation Mode, your account does not lose (or gain!) Reputation with any Characters. This means completing Quests while in Vacation Mode will NOT earn any Reputation points, but you also will not lose Reputation points.
You also cannot purchase common, uncommon, or rare items from the stores. (Special and premium items can still be obtained normally.)
Vacation Mode is set for a minimum of 1 day before you can turn it off and get back to playing normally, so be careful of your timing! After 1 day, you can end Vacation Mode anytime to return to Tattered Weave. Check it out under your Settings!

Edit: You can find this option in your Settings!

In game-related news, we have updated Paper Airplane so that changing the Difficulty level will reset your Tree count. Many thanks to Thelving for catching that bug!

Finally, we have added a 24-hour cooldown timer to the End Alliance button. You must wait 24 hours after ending an Alliance before you can end another.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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