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Rules Update Feedback

Written by Admin  Posted on February 09, 2018
Hello again, everyone, it's time for some feedback! We're updating our Terms of Service to include specific rules about cross-site interactions and multiple accounts. Please take a look at the changes detailed here, or visit the Terms of Service page to familiarize yourself with our site rules once more!

Posted by: 'Terms of Service'

Links to Other Sites

Users often interact across multiple sites on the internet (“Cross-Site Interactions”), such as making virtual trades or exchanging messages. Cross-Site Interactions are not prohibited, but are not under Mythmakers’ control. Accordingly, we are not responsible for any issues that arise due to these interactions.

Multiple Accounts

A single user may have multiple accounts. This rule will be changing in 2018 with an Announcement made on the Forums. These accounts may not be used to exploit features that unfairly favor the user over singular accounts, including Cheers on the Forums, Kith Activity rewards, and bonus referral Gems. At Mythmakers’ sole discretion, any accounts found exploiting these features may be locked at any time, then deleted after an investigation period of no less than one week. Permitted uses of multiple accounts include beta testing features, storing items and currency, posting on the Forums, playing Games, Cooking, Tailoring, and completing Quests.

If you have any questions or concerns, we've added a Question & Answer to the FAQ page, and have this Feedback thread open for further comments. Please let us know what you think!

Posted by: 'FAQ'
Question: Can I trade things on Tattered Weave for things on another website?
Answer: We do not prohibit any cross-site trades; however we will not enforce any of these cross-site trades. The Trade and Marketplace system on Tattered Weave are our way of ensuring that exchanges work correctly for both parties on our site, and we cannot guarantee any exchange made outside of those features. Please remember to be careful with your trust!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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