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New Items: June Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 30, 2018
La la la~
Up and down, then under and around and that's how you weave a hat!
Oh, hey everyone! It's the last day of the month and you know what that means! Re-color update!

This month I've touched on the Woven set from the Coral Reef. Since these are a 'set' I only did three new colors for them, but each of the items has gotten re-colored. You can now get yourself a Black Woven Anklet, Black Woven Basket, Black Woven Bracelet, Black Woven Hat, and Black woven Necklace. You will also find them in Frost and a new darker Brown variant. I've also renamed the original items to the color 'natural' to help users find them in the future.

To get some help figuring out how to weave this stuff I've been hanging out in the Enchanted Forest with some Avoreals and let me tell you – It is a mess over here right now. I think it's molting season or something? But there is Purple Falling Feathers all over the place! I'm so itchy...
I figured you guys might like them as an item so I've got Alban stocking them in his shop as a new patterns now! Just make sure you've got something to attract a molting Avoreal to you and you should be all set to collect some feathers of your own.

Speaking of molting, I've heard your guys plea about wanting to mix and match wing colors. So you'll now be able to buy Pick A Part: Avoreal Clipped Wings over with the headmaster. These are half the price of the original wings and you can overlay them on top to give you a two-tone look, or just cute fluffy arms! Hopefully this is easy enough for everyone to get the combination they want without me needing to make fifty million hard set items. I'm going to toss up the old Avoreal Badges as well so you can grab yourself a set of full wings or any of the hair items you might want.

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