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Code Update: 1/8/19

Written by Admin  Posted on January 08, 2019
New year, new code! It's time for a number of little updates for a lot of change to start 2019 off with a bang!

We've added another means of using the Kith Daily Activity by inserting the same dropdown menu onto the Kith Profile page. I know that it can sometimes be hard for newbies to find all the great new features we've added for them, so I'm trying to make that discovery a little bit easier!

In a similar vein, we've added the Details tab to each NPC shop page, so anyone who misses that information on the Explore pages can easily find out about the NPC they're looking at on the very same page.

Replying to an NPC on the Forums will now automatically insert the correct BBCode tag to tag them in the reply. This will really help us keep track of conversations that you want NPCs to see!

Marketplace lots have increased from listing for 30 days to 90 days. (We still want to allow custom listing times in the future, but that is a low-priority change that may not happen until much later.)

Also, Marketplace lots should now notify you when they expire every time that they expire, not just the first time. All subsequent re-listing of the Marketplace lot will give you the expiration notification.

Phew! How's that for a fresh start to the new year? As always, if you notice a bug or any issue, please report it in the Technical Support Forum.

Thank you all for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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