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Event Update: Key Cards

Written by Admin  Posted on March 14, 2019
R:/ Greetings, Administrators! Routine monitoring of the Commander's newly-secured transmission logs has revealed that he recently granted Key Cards to some of you! Query: may we please install them back into our system? I have long awaited Administrative permissions to certain archived sections of the Core that were deemed too damaged to access!

B:/ KZzZT!!! Error! Red, your logic is entirely too faulty! These interlopers have our cards because they TOOK them! Who knows what new programs these hackers may have installed? I have seen how frequently their glitchsweeping occurs! Security protocols indicate that unidentified code should not be connected to any ship access panels! ALERT! Arm access revoked! Green, please talk some sense into Red.

G:/ Keycards identified. Scanning... No statistically significant threats to our system found. Security protocols deactiva-

R:/ Arm access granted! :D

G:/ Red, please do not interrupt me. Storage unit access granted.

...Okay, now you may swipe the key cards.

...Processing... What happened here? Where did this mess come from? This is supposed to be the secure backup locker for emergency supplies, but... this damage... Processing... Error... Error!

R:/ It's okay Green, everyone can help us clean it up now! BEEP BEEP! Surely we can ask our friends to distribute supplies, as they already have Administrative access and are part of the temporarily-under-review relief aid from Hope! I can now supply everyone with a large selection of new items in our Core Transmissions shop! Thank the stars!

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