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Tattered Weave

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Miranda's Going on Adventure by Gwennafran won the Art Spotlight!
Good luck to Miranda with her new adventure. :)
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New Premium Items: Sea Witch Apparel!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 05, 2019
Aw heck, Miranda was right! Sortin’ all these Coral Reef legends into stories so that we can copy them down into our new books… It’s a lot o’ work. Yer right, X, I should get up and stretch me legs. Maybe a walk down by the cove will help me sort out all these tales o’ the Sea Witch…

Ya’d think we’d know more about someone as important as the Sea Witch, but comparin’ our stories to the detailed tales that the other Remnants have, I can’t help but feel like we’re missin’ somethin’ big. Sure, we know she summoned up the Everstorm, but other than that, all o’ the facts get thrown into a big whirlpool o’ confusion. Some stories say that she got killed by her own storm for some reason, struck by all sorts o’ strange lightning… Some stories say that she swam into the deepest oceans to search for a cure after her magical spell got out o' control… Heck, some stories even say that she turned INTO the Everstorm, so that she could use her curse to lure pirates towards the sea and Merfolk towards the land!

But did all that happen at the same time that the rest of the world got all Tattered up? Before? After? Why, we don’t even know what the Sea Witch looked like-

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