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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! by Elfy won the Quest Design Spotlight!
Lycus mentioned to me that the lab has been simply overrun with spare clothes! Why don't we put together a clothing drive, to help those in need? Do you have something to spare?
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Miranda's Hourly Quests

Study, study, study~

More Hourly Quests are here! Miranda’s a busy bee at the bookstore, and she could use your help with keeping order or simply by exchanging books. I tried something a little new with our system which might skew her Quests to be a bit harder to collect than everyone else’s - so please let me know what you think! If it’s too “repetitive”, what I can do is make the Book Exchange Quest only appear once you’ve earned Miranda’s Devoted reputation.

I’ve also added a few more to Piper’s Hourly Quests! It may take an hour or two for your account to receive the new Quests. Enjoy!

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New Items: Math Books!

It's Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Good evening, everyone. My goodness, the Campus Supplies store has been so busy lately! People are coming and going, asking about measurement conversion and adding fractions together, or the differences caused in microwave wattage on heating both the edible and inedible… It seems like everyone has a big project they’re working on these days. I've barely had a moment of downtime to read. That’s why I’ve ordered some math aids, which you can use to teach your Kith to be your calculator instead of me!

I've got five brand new books for you all to enjoy, from the basics of Arithmetic to the fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry. And for those of you who feel a bit more certain of your skills, I have the more advanced subjects of Calculus and Trigonometry to get your mind working. So get your noses in some books and get a head start on next semester’s course work, please!

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Bug Fix: 7/25/16

Forum update & Kitchen questions

A big thanks to club for pushing me to implement our latest feature update: paid posts! Forum posts now grant 50 Shards each, and we hope that will help with users who have had difficulty earning Shards from games and Quests. Please do not abuse this by purposefully spamming the Forums to earn Shards. We will eventually be implementing a 1 minute cooldown on Forum posts before we shift to Open Beta, but for now we trust you all to be responsible with it. :)

In art news, we have another popular vote to offer you all: what kind of Kitchen image would you prefer? Take a look at the images below for an example of each.

Option A: the Kitchen image only shows the Tools that have been equipped. Any Tools that have yet to be equipped are not seen at all. Option B: the Kitchen image shows a grayed-out version of Tools that have yet to be equipped, alongside the colored versions of the Tools that have been equipped.

Example unequipped Kitchen A:

Example unequipped Kitchen B:

Please let us know what you think! We can’t wait to roll this out for you soon!

Click Read More to see details about bug fixes that we’ve completed today.

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Kei's Hourly Quests

Makeup or Make Over!

Now that we’ve got the Quest system updated to better edit/upload Quests, I’m going to add them as quick as I can! Today we’ve added Kei’s Hourly Quests, so check your Hourly tab on the Quest Log page or visit Kei’s Salon to see what he has in store for you! Keep in mind that your Reputation with each Character may determine the kind of Quests (or rewards!) that you receive… :)

Edit: It may take up to an hour for Kei's Hourly Quests to show up for your account.

I’ve also included some bug fixes below. Click Read More to see details!

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New Items: Bandages!

First Aid and Fashionable

Hello all my dear students! I come to you all with slightly concerning news - oh, now, now, I'm not hauling any of you up to my office. It seems that with all the excitement of the Kith appearing, there's also been a rather large increase in roughhousing and general tomfoolery. Now, I was a bit of a rough-and-tumble youth myself, so I understand entirely, but your safety and well-being is of the highest priority to me. So I have spoken with Andre about making and supplying a variety of bandages to the town. Ever the crafty lad, Andre has gone above and beyond my request to not just make a set of first-aid bandages but several highly fashionable workout wraps as well! Hopefully those will be able to prevent any more injuries from ever happening to begin with!

You can now find Leg Bandages, Fist Bandages, and Gauze Bandages in eighteen amazing colors at Andre’s Tailored Fashions.

As always, go out, explore, make mistakes, and get messy - but please, remember to also take care of yourselves and each other.

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