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Code Update: 2/11/19

Good morning, everyone! It's time for a quick-fix code update.

As some of you are already aware, we've been having some server issues arise with the new Event feature, specifically during the time when Daily Quests refresh on the site. As a stopgap measure, we've shifted the exact time that each refresh runs on the server. Daily Quests in particular will now occur around 5:30AM CHT, and they have been staggered with Event Daily Quests to give both refreshes some breathing room.

We've also added the much-requested "My Ranking" tab to the Event page, plus a small text area to help users see handy links and available Achievements on each NPC's Event page!

If you encounter any issues with the site, please report them to the Technical Support Forum and we'll try to get things fixed for you as soon as possible. Thank you all again for helping make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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Event Update: Cast-Off Shuttle

Hello, livestream v-viewers! We’re continuing our travels through the Cosmic Solarium, and I think we’ve made lots of progress! H-hopefully soon we’ll be able to convince the citizens of the Solarium that we do not present a-a threat.

Okay, let’s see where this map says to go next… Do I… p-pinch the Holoscreen to make it zoom? Fascinating! I w-wonder if I could replicate this functionality with Hope technology for my experiment readouts, or perhaps-

AUGH! Wh-what's all over the floor?! Wait… are these… heaps of c-clothing materials? And tons of patterns… just lying in clumps everywhere? Argh, this one’s all c-covered in sticky oil or something! Must be a trash pile, I guess. I'm familiar...

Let’s see… the map says that we’re in the Cast-Off ShuttleDoes that m-mean that this shuttle was cast off, or that it’s full of cast-offs?

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New Premium Items: LED Hair!

Hey there, all you spaced-out students! How's it going in spaaaace~? Man, I gotta say, this is an amazing time to be in Hope, just watching you guys go. The whole house is abuzz with speculation - almost my whole family has split into factions arguing about their favorite wild theories for this new Remnant, and I can’t say I blame them! I’ve been watching Lycus’ livestream from the Cosmic Solarium with Andre and Fray, and seeing that cool interstellar aesthetic has really got my creative juices flowing. After getting a few looks at the outfits they wear up there, I was inspired to collect a bunch of that amazing new tech that you’ve all been sending back so that I could “reach for the stars” with some new hairstyle designs!

The result? I’ve used a bunch of that deconstructed tech to style up some brand-new hairstyles in the LED Hair Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: LED Hair Badge! Now I just need to find a good name for this cosmic look - I was thinking “cybernetic meets punk”, but that’s not catchy enough. Hmm… “cyberpunk”?

Anyway, these hairstyles are a bit too experimental to stock at my Salon, so Nic has agreed to make them available in the Headmaster’s Office for Gems. Oops, gotta get back to my Salon now - good luck with all your Event Quests! I can’t wait to see the next update. Though, *cough* do you think you could maybe ask Lycus to figure out some kind of swear filter on the stream? Some of my younger siblings were watching that last update, and... well... they know some new words now...

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Feedback Forum: Events

Hello everyone! I don't usually post updates on the weekends, but I'm excited to share this update with you. It's time for Event Achievements!

After some discussion, we've decided to reward Achievements by individual participation (aka, how many Event points you earn) rather than competitive ranking (the "top x ranked" users). All participating users will get an Achievement for their efforts, and for our hard-working users we've added Achievements at two point thresholds: 5,000 and 10,000. This Event is about a whole Remnant reveal, so it's a rather long one - we expect at least another month of weekly updates, so don't stress about getting all those points at once!

Now, this is also our very first Event, so we're learning a lot as we go. I'm sensing some burnout with Hourly Event Quests, so we're adjusting the current Daily Event Quest to grant more points, and making plans for the next Event checkpoints to make things feel more fun and voluntary than a grind. I've also got a few code updates to this feature that I'm testing on alpha which may help things along, too, but I have to keep it to myself until testing's done!

I really like being able to roll with the punches here, so I'd like to open up some early-stage feedback and hear what you all have to say so far. What can we do to make this the best feature possible? What have we done right, and what would you like to see changed? Do you have any special ideas for future events?

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New Items: January Recolors 2019


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