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Winged kitty by Parda won the Avatar Spotlight!
I decided to enter this month's avatar contest with a winged cat. Because everyone likes birds, and everyone likes cats, am I right?
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Everyone’s got one

We’re reaching out to our backers again for some opinions on the site! There’s a lot of discussion going on behind the scenes, and we’d love your feedback to help make our final decisions.

First up is a visual question: what size should our items be in shops and inventories? You may have noticed that items are shown at a smaller size, 75x75 pixels, than they are in the item pop-ups at 100x100 pixels. Pros: we can fit 6 items per row in shops, and it renders nicer on Retina displays. Cons: sometimes the text overflows into three lines and looks a bit odd compared to the other items beside it, and it doesn’t always render as nicely on non-Retina displays. Take a look at this screenshot (click here to zoom) comparing the 100x100 size with the 75x75 size:

We’ve also been hearing some requests for more space in shops. As we add more Characters with more shops, we hope the stocking problems will become less and less important. However, do you think the shops need an extra row? Unfortunately, we can’t do this on a shop-by-shop basis without changing the code, so it would have to apply to all shops. At the 100x100 size, this would mean a total of 15 items, which I think works out to a very nice number. At the 75x75 size, this would mean a total of 18 items, which might be a bit too many, taking away the need for dedicated restock hunting. What do you think?

Shazzbaa also pointed out that Recipe costs have made Quest rewards undervalued now. I’d like to lessen the cost of Recipes to offset this problem, but by how much? Half? A quarter? A tenth? The cost of Tools is purposefully very high, since they can be reused endlessly and on multiple Recipes; but I see now that means the Recipes ought to be far less than their resulting product’s value. What value would you suggest? (Keep in mind that this will probably not be decided by popular vote; I still need to keep many different behind-the-scenes calculations in mind when I make this change.)

Finally, a bit of excitement: Hoof It has the Easy Mode completed, except for security checks to make sure it interfaces with the site Shards & Attributes! I know you’ve been waiting patiently for this game since we previewed it on the Kickstarter, so I wanted to ask: should I release an Easy Mode-only version to play until the other difficulties are finished? (The difference between difficulties is more dance options - Easy Mode only comes with 4 dance moves. Medium has 6 and Hard has 8.)

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New Items: Baby Food!

For Baby and Me

Ahh, Jay selling all those new recipes of hers sent me back into my family cookbook for a trip down memory lane. When I found the section on baby food, I realized that’s something everyone could use, not just parents or older siblings! I mean, newly allied Kith are sort of like human babies, right? And those little cuties might not be ready to eat harder foods yet.

So I talked with Jay and gave her 11 new recipe cards to sell at the General Store. Take your pick from Vanilla Rice Baby Food, Strawberry and Bananas Baby Food, Strawberry Applesauce Baby Food, Squash Baby Food, Pumpkin Baby Food, Mushy Peas Baby Food Carrot Baby Food, Mixed Berry Baby Food, Broccoli Baby Food, Garden Vegetable Baby Food, and my favorite as a baby Peachy Keen Pears Baby Food.

You can't go wrong with any of them really, they are all fresh and delicious! Even older Kith might like a tasty mashed up bowl of baby food if they’re feeling nostalgic. Personally I think it's good enough to eat yourself when you inevitably get some splattered in your face by a fussy eater.

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New Items: Shady Styles

Something a bit shady

The weather sure has been something lately, hasn’t it? Between the blinding summer sun and sudden storms, it sure feels like I’ve been hiding inside all the time. Well, no more! It took a while to design the - oh…? Huh. How odd. It looks like someone was rifling through my storage room. But all the boxes are here… still labeled… Hm, maybe a Kith wandered in from the Tatters. Well, anyway!

I’ve got just what we all need to deal with that blinding sun: a whole set of fancy sunglasses! Yes, starting today, Tailored Fashions will be stocking five styles of sunglasses in four UV-blocking colors: Wildfire, Oceanic, Savannah, and Obsidian. Choose the style that suits you out of the classic Sports Shades, the authoritative Aviator Shades, the hip Oval Shades, the retro Circle Shades, and finally the fabulous Rocker Shades.

While that takes care of the blazing glare during sunny days, what about the sudden windy rainfall that strikes without warning? It may still be a little too hot to wear comfortably, but as things cool down in the coming months, you can get a lot of wear out of this traditional Trench Coat. It’s great for students trying to avoid the rain, or for dressing up like old-timey gumshoes! Make sure to double check that someone wearing this isn’t actually a bunch of Kith all stacked up on top of each other, though…

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Bug Fix: 8/25/16

Warning! Warning!

Forum alert! You may have noticed that the Forums have a new button: the Report button! This handy moderation tool will allow users to report any rule-breaking with a form that mods can easily read and sort through. The categories are just suggestions; text input is mostly what mods will look at to determine priority on reported posts. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Speaking of alerts, we’ve also rolled out one more helpful feature for Cooking! You will now see an alert in the shops if you have already learned a Recipe or equipped a Tool, in case you don’t want to buy any duplicates.

In slightly-less-exciting news, we’ve also implemented caching for Cooking. We’ve tested it very thoroughly on the alpha server, but caching bugs can be very good at hiding. If you notice any weirdness, please report it to the Technical Support Forum. Your browser version is very helpful information if we have to troubleshoot a problem. I'd also like to ask, as a favor, if you could try to replicate a problem so that I know whether it was a strange one-time little bug or whether it is reoccurring for multiple users; this also helps me to sleuth my way to the source of the problem. The more details, the better!

Thank you all again for your help and patience as we work together on making Tattered Weave the best it can be! Click "Read More" to see updated details of bugs and features currently in progress.

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New Items: Soda Pops!

A Pop of Flavor

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I might have a slight caffeine addiction, usually in the form of a hot cup of coffee. But sometimes you need a quick fix on a hot day and nothing beats a cold, bubbly can of soda for that. I know you all love the classic original flavor, or at least Piper has bribed you enough into keeping it well-stocked. So let’s add some variety! I am very pleased to announce that the General Store is expanding its line of carbonated beverages with a whopping nineteen new flavors! That's right, you heard me, a whole shelf of nothing but fizzy drinks!

For flavors, we've got Blueberry Soda, Cherry Soda, Cola ZERO Soda, Cranberry Soda, Cream Soda, Diet Pop Soda, Dr Pop Soda, Ginger Ale Soda, Grape Soda, Green Apple Soda,
Lemon Lime Soda, Orange Soda, Peach Soda, Pineapple Soda, Root Beer Soda, Strawberry Soda, Tropical Punch Soda, Watermelon Soda,
and lastly, one of the Headmaster's guilty pleasures, Carbonated Milk.

Phew, that was a mouthful. I think I might crack one of these bad boys open right now and- Hey, HEY! Piper! I see you hiding behind that display! Keep your mitts off that Dr Pop unless you intend to pay for it! Piper! PIPER!!

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