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Ice Ice Baby by Dread won the Kith Spotlight! Tehehehe nice to metcha I'm Ice!
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Tutorial Tutorial

Open Beta Begins!

Welcome new students!

Come one, come all, step right up! Aren’t you here to play games in my Arcade?

Oh, you just got here - right. Why don’t you start by looking through the Tutorial? That has all the basics. Make sure you meet a Kith! They’re looking for an Ally - that means YOU! Hey, if you don’t want a new friend, send them to me!

To celebrate our new arrivals, I’m announcing a very special month-long event in the Arcade. All games will reward 2X Shards for the next month! How’s that for a warm welcome?

I also have a bit of news about the Achievements: so, apparently they’re sorta working. You won’t receive any notifications, but you should be able to check your Achievements page (under the Account tab of the navigation bar) to see if you’ve earned anything special. Closed Beta users should be able to receive retroactive Achievements as well, but if you need any help, please post in the Technical Support Forum.

That goes for any of you newbies, too! If you have any problem, any time, you can always report it in the Technical Support Forum. We’ve also got a User Q&A Forum if you just wanna ask some questions to other users. Um, let’s see, what else… I think that’s it.

No, wait! One more thing: HAVE FUN!

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Calling all moderators-to-be!

It's nearly time to open the floodgates, and we need your help! If you'd like to be a moderator, please send a Message to Club using the format below. We're looking to start with 2 or 3 moderators for now, and we're offering 6,000 Gems per month as a thank-you! Reliable, trustworthy moderators with seniority will also be considered for increased pay or even future employment as the site grows. Please only apply if you're 18 or older.

User Name:
Current Time Zone:
At what hours are you most active?
Do you have any experience working as a moderator or similar position maintaining a community or group?
How much time do you expect to be able to dedicate to the site on a weekly basis? Are there any regularly occurring days or times that you’re unavailable? Estimates or best guesses for this are fine!
Why do you want to join the moderation team?
Tell us a bit about yourself.

We have also updated our Terms and Rules, so you should read through those if you haven't already! The Terms added our Paypal legal information, while the Rules have clarified our view on profanity.

Speaking of which, it's time for another feedback question: What profanity, if any, do you think should be removed from our filters? The profanity that we wish to avoid is that which causes harm or discomfort, which is why our Rules were updated to specify that any profanity used against another user is not allowed. An exclamation like "holy spit!" or "that's a dang fricken gorgeous piece of cake" doesn't cause anyone harm, but "your (slur) face deserves to melt away so I never have to see it again!" is incredibly harmful. I hope that makes sense. Please let us know in a reply what profanity you think should and shouldn't be left in the filter!

On a completely different note, our dear Club has been hard at work changing items around. We have a few new items to introduce, as well as some changes to existing items and recipes. Click Read More to take a look at her changes and some more bug fixes!

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Mobile CSS

On-the-go is ready to go!

We've finally got the mobile CSS ready for you to try out! The last two weeks have been filled with thorough testing on the alpha server, trying to catch every bug we can find. There's only so many of us, though, so if you can find any problems we missed, please report those to the Technical Support Forum!

Users with very tiny mobile screens may find that they have few columns on some pages. My teensy iPhone 5s only gets 1 column on the Trade page, which does make Trading on my phone kind of a pain. We’re working on a way to toggle the mobile on & off so you can optionally choose when to use it and when you’d rather stick to the desktop version.

We’ve also increased the shop stock from 12 items to 15 items, and made the images full-sized. Thank you all so much for your feedback that led to this decision! We hope this makes shopping a little bit easier. Our next big task is to work on that Marketplace.

Remember to please report any problems to the Technical Support Forum. Your browser version is very helpful information if we have to troubleshoot a problem. I'd also like to ask, as a favor, if you could try to replicate a problem so that I know whether it was a strange one-time little bug or whether it is reoccurring for multiple users; this also helps me to sleuth my way to the source of the problem. The more details, the better!

Thank you all again for your help and patience as we work together on making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

Click Read More to see details of today's bug fixes.

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Game Updates

Suggestions for Improvement

A little birdy told me the Suggestions Forum had some good ideas for my games… and she was right! I’ve worked my tush off to get you a new-and-improved version of each game. Here, I even made a list:

1. All three games should now work on Fullscreen mode for both desktop and mobile. The Mobile button will be deleted tomorrow, so you can just use the Fullscreen button if you’re on mobile, and tah dah! It works great!

2. All three games have had their How To updated with amended gameplay rules.

3. Hoof It now has a secret level! But I’m not gonna tell you how to find it~

4. Memory now has a Replay button so that you can keep playing your favorite level over and over. My birdy said that the last level is really hard, especially on tiny phone screens, so I made sure you can earn Shards and Kith abilities on EVERY level! It just takes a bit longer on the easier levels.

5. Memory now labels the difficulties by their type, Exact/Color/Kith, rather than Easy/Medium/Hard. That should make it much clearer for all the new players showing up on Thursday!

Wow! So many changes! I’m pretty awesome like that. And I’ve got another surprise in store for Thursday… No hints! No peeking! You’ll ruin the surprise!

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New Feature: Referrals!

One week to go!

We’re so close to opening the doors for everyone to join! We’ve been hastily testing the mobile CSS layout and server/database optimizations to get ready for the big day.

In anticipation of all our new users, we’ve added a Referral feature so that you can earn rewards for any friends that sign up! You can find a referral link in your Settings page; this link will autocomplete the Referred by field on the registration page. For every new user you refer, you’ll earn 1 free Gem! And, if that user buys Gems themselves, you will automatically receive a free bonus 5% of however many Gems they purchase, every time they shop!

Some other minor updates that we’ve squeezed in last-minute: you can now Trade your Kith if you use a premium Foreign Alliance to do so. Each Foreign Alliance allows you to Trade any number of Kith one time only, and can only be used one at a time. Please be careful not to have multiple Trades ongoing with multiple Foreign Alliances, as it may cause your Alliance to fail.

Users were experiencing issues with the account expiration, so we have turned that security feature off entirely. We’ve also increased the automatic logout time from 3 hours to 1 day.

Finally, the Kith transformation notifications have changed. You’ll now see a small phrase from your Kith when they transform, based on their Personality!

As a warning, this weekend we will be deleting the Energy, Reason, and Health rewards from Hourly Quests. You’ll have to earn those through consumables again! It’s a bit tight, but we made sure that you can get to 400 in all stats - and we’ve got plenty more item updates on the way. :)

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