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Tattered Weave

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FIC O' SHAME PART I by - Z - won the Writing Spotlight!
The grin Aunt Mari shot him looked as if it were ready to tear the corners of her mouth open. “I got it back,” she hissed. “The Tatters…took a bit of me…and I took a bit of it.”
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Event Summary

Broken Technology

After a temporary break from experimenting upon the Tattered Weave, Lycus resumed his experiment progress with approval from the University Review Committee. However, after setting up his livestream equipment in preparation, a strange piece of broken technology came through the Tatters. This technology is so advanced that it's proving difficult to repair, but Lycus was able to hear a garbled distress signal calling for help! With Piper's programming prowess, the siblings were able to create Glitchsweeper, a new Arcade game that helped clear out the glitches from the distress signal. Eventually this progress was put to the test and Lycus successfully transmitted a return signal that reached RiGBy, a transmissionbot seeking your help - will you travel through space to reach him?

Now, with the Event feature available, everyone can pitch in together to work towards another breakthrough toward helping this mysterious new Remnant!

In our latest update, Lycus finally reached his destination - the Core of the Cosmic Solarium, where RiGBy is located. Unfortunately, it seems RiGBY didn't tell anyone else in the Core that help was on its way...Following RiGBy's holographic map, Lycus journeyed to the Cast-off shuttle, trudging through a sea of cast-off clothes and encountering the not-to-happy voice of the PA system. Nibblug joined up with Lycus, and together they continued to follow the map until they reached RiGBy's friend Xenia, who offered to aid in your goal to help the Solarium, provided you tell her a bit about your home.
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