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Tattered Weave

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The Team

We have a wonderful team weaving together the story for you behind the scenes! Here are all of the Staff members that help keep the Tattered Weave together:

Mythmakers Staff

Eric "Myth" Menge is an author, publisher, and game-designer. He has written for Wizards of the Coast, AEG, and Raging Swan Press. Under duress he will admit that he is also an attorney, specializing in contract and technology law.

Diane "Diana" Hazlett is a queer girl who, once upon a time, was saved by a story. Now she hopes to help others in need of a story that tells them they matter.

Steph Stober is a freelance illustrator who never quite grew out of cartoons and comic books. Most of her time is spent drawing and spoiling her two rabbits.

Site Staff

Of course, even we need help running the site. Listed here are the site managers who are helping us keep the community fun and engaging with regular updates!

Club - Lead Writer & Site Manager
stopboorider - Site Assistant

Artists & Writers

Tattered Weave is too big for the three of us alone. Listed here are the artists and writers who are helping us make this project possible!

Ashley Feemster - Kith & Apparel Design
Club - Item & Apparel Recolors
Debbie Colon - Game & Apparel Design
Gretshelle Rivera - Remnant & Apparel Design
Sarah Shaw - Apparel & Kith Design
stopboorider - Apparel & Item Design

Elfy - Game Development

Past Team Members
Ashe Stafford - Apparel Design
Julie Wright - Hope & Enchanted Forest NPCs
Kat - Gemwing Design
Lyndsey Little - Item Design
Maarta Laiho - Kith Design
Monica NGalvan - Apparel Design
Savannah Houston-McIntyre - Quest Dialogue
Sunny - Apparel Design
Rae Carra - Quests and NPC Dialogue
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