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Tattered Weave

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Just a girl… by Mandee won the Avatar Spotlight!
Anyway, I hope you... like... me? Hmm, that's a little weird to say, but yeah! I hope you do!
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Welcome to Tattered Weave! Here’s a Tutorial to help you get started. If you leave this page, you can always find it again by clicking on the notification in your sidebar. You can also find a link in our footer.

First things first: who are you? Right now, no one even knows what you look like! Click on the avatar in the top right corner of the page or click on Account > Dressing Room to change clothes.

You’ll see a live preview of your avatar in the top left. Scroll down to select a Pose first.

Then select a Skin Tone in order to see the body of your avatar.

Then you can choose up to 10 apparel items from your Inventory to wear. Your Inventory will only show after you have selected your Pose and Skin Tone.

Drag-and-drop each item above/below your other items, or click the X to remove that item. When you’re all done, click Save to finish. (You must cover your torso before you can Save. No streaking, please!)

You look great! What else would you like to share about yourself? Click on the Settings button next to your avatar or click on Account > Settings to customize your profile.

There are four tabs in the Settings page: Account, Profile, Customize, and Referrals. The Account tab has your account information, like email and password, which are hidden from other users. The Profile tab has optional information that you can share with other users viewing your profile. The Customize tab has optional information on other special pages that you can share with other users, like your Gallery. Finally, the Referrals tab has a link for you to refer other users to our site and a count of all the users you’ve referred so far!

Now that we’ve learned about you, it’s time to learn about Kith! What are Kith? Well, these mysterious creatures recently appeared out of the Tatters, and we don’t know much about them yet… So let’s start by choosing one for your Ally! Click on Find A Kith in your sidebar, or click on Kith > Meet Kith.

Scroll down to the Kith Nests to see what Kith are available for you to Ally with. Click on the arrows beside each Kith to view the different colors available. All the way at the bottom are page numbers, so make sure to browse through each Kith before making your selection! Your Ally will accompany you throughout the site. Don’t worry, if you like more than one Kith, you can always come back later for more Allies once you’ve finished raising your current Ally!

You may have noticed these tabs under the illustration of Iris.

The Solitary Kith tab is full of Kith that were Allied with another user, but have been left behind. You can choose to Ally with a Solitary Kith instead of a newly-made Kith if you want! Solitary Kith may already have some advancement or a changed personality.

The Premium Kith tab is for rare, special Kith that aren’t available for free. You can purchase a Charm for any of these Kith in the Headmaster’s Office with Gems. It is possible to collect Gems as you play on the site for free, so you can save up for a Premium Kith that way too!

To get a Premium Kith, click on your Charm in your Inventory and select Use This Item. You’re now charming enough to Ally with that Kith! Go back to the Premium Kith tab and you can now Ally with that Kith.

This last tab is for users who have changed their mind about their Kith. If you want to get rid of your Kith for some reason, click End Alliance and confirm that you are really ready to let them go. This cannot be undone! Once you have ended your Alliance, that Kith will go to the Solitary Kith tab for 7 days or until it is taken in by another user. You can re-Ally with your Kith from the Solitary Kith tab if they have not already been taken in by another user.

Let’s see the details of your new Kith! Click on Visit Kith’s Page in the sidebar, or click on your Kith’s name in the top right of the page, or click on Kith > Active Kith.

Here we see an Overview of your Kith’s profile information, including a speech bubble where they talk to you. All Kith begin their adventure with a Naive personality, unless they were a Solitary Kith you Allied with after they picked up some habits from their last Ally. As your Kith learns and grows, they develop a personality that affects what they say here!

Below that are the Kith’s abilities and the items that affect those abilities. You can raise your Kith’s abilities by doing many things on the site, like playing Games, completing Quests, and giving items to your Kith. You can see what Food your Kith has eaten in the Diet area, what Books your Kith has read in the Knowledge area, and what Toys your Kith has played with in the Toybox area.

Each Kith is only interested in the same item once, so use these areas to keep track of what they have and haven’t tried already!

Last on the page is a simple Description area. Some HTML is enabled so you can insert pictures and links here as well!

To edit this Description area, click Edit at the top of the page.

You may also notice that the Overview is highlighted when Editing. This is because you can Transform your Kith once it learns new forms! Your Kith naturally learns a new form when its Abilities all reach 100, then again at 200, and again at 300. At 400 points in all Abilities, you can Ally with a new Kith and continue your adventure with even more friends!

There are additional transformations that your Kith can learn from premium items, regardless of its Abilities. You can purchase these in the Headmaster’s Office with Gems. It is possible to collect Gems as you play on the site for free, so you can save up for a premium transformation that way too!

Speaking of items, check out the items you’ve got already by clicking on Account > Inventory.

At the top here you’ll see tabs which you can use to sort through your items by type.

Food, Books, and Toys are items that you can give to your Kith to improve their Abilities. Try giving one of each to your Kith by clicking on the item, then selecting Feed to Active Kith, Read to Active Kith, or Play with Active Kith from the dropdown menu!

Clothes are items that can be worn on your avatar. You should recognize these as the same items from your Dressing Room!

A word of warning: items that are in your Inventory can be traded or given away in quests, even if you are wearing them. If you want to keep your items protected, click on the item and select Move to Locker from the dropdown menu.

You can find items that have been safely stored in your Locker by clicking on Locker at the top left of the page.

Clothes that are in your Locker are still accessible in your Dressing Room. If you moved something here by accident, you can simply click on the item and select Move to Primary Inventory to put it back.

The same goes for your Gallery, which you can find by clicking Gallery at the top left of the page.

Items that are moved to your Gallery are protected from trades and quests, just like items in your Locker. However, your Gallery is a showcase to other users. They’ll be able to see anything you put in here by clicking on Gallery: View from your Profile.

Remember the Customize tab in your Settings? That’s where you can write a Gallery Name and Gallery Description for other users to see when they view your Gallery.

That looks much better!

Returning back to our item types in the Inventory, the next tab is your Items tab. Well, jeez, isn’t that redundant? Every item is an item! Okay, true, you’ve got me there. These items specifically are ones that don’t fall into any of the other categories. Premium items will show up here, as will items that can be used in crafting or quests.

The last tab, Events, is probably empty right now. That’s okay! Events occur on special occasions, and they don’t always have items as rewards. You’ll have to learn more about Events as you participate in them, because each one is different.

Remember that you can always click on the Help tab if you forget any details about a page.

All right! You and your Kith are ready to explore. Click on Explore > Hope University to begin!

This map shows you all of the Characters you can meet around Hope. Hover your mouse over the stores to see where each Character is on the map. Click on the arrows to scroll left and right on the map. You can also simply use the Shop Menu as a shortcut to get around.

Inside each shop, you’ll see a Quest at the top of the page. Click View Quest to see more details!

At the top of this pop-up, the Character will explain what they need from you. The bottom half shows you what the Quest specifically requires. You can click Accept to begin the Quest. Completing a Quest earns you rewards and increases your Reputation with that Character! The better your Reputation, the better your rewards across the site. You may even earn some special kinds of Quests that way. Clicking Decline ends the Quest without losing any Reputation, and the Character can then offer you a new Quest later.

You can always check on your Quests by clicking View More Quests in the sidebar, or by clicking Account > Quest Log.

You’ll notice here that Quests are divided up into different tabs. The Active tab shows you all the Quests you have that are currently in progress.

The Hourly tab shows you any available Quests that can be repeated up to once per hour, and the Daily tab similarly shows you any available Quests that can be repeated once per day. You must Decline a repeatable Quest if you want to skip it and get a new Quest later.

The Story tab shows you any available Quests that can be completed only once. Be careful not to Decline any of these Story Quests unless you are never going to complete them, as you cannot ever try them again later!

Let’s head back to our Character’s shop. Click on Explore to return to the shops.

Below the Quest pop-up (which is always an Hourly Quest) is the Character themselves, shown in their shop with a speech bubble to talk to you. As you increase your Reputation with that Character, their demeanor will change! Befriend every Character to earn special story rewards!

Below this is the shop area. For most Characters, this includes a Store Restock Countdown and a Stock area. The Countdown does exactly what it says it does - counts down the time until the next restock. The Stock includes 3 types of items: common, uncommon, and rare. Rare items are stocked for only 1 minute before they are taken off the shelves. Uncommon items are stocked for 3 minutes, and Common items are stocked for the full 6 minutes before the shop restocks. Choose carefully! You can only buy 1 item every minute.

Some Characters are a little different, however. Nicolas in the Headmaster’s Office, for example, does not have any limit on his stock.

Lycus in the University Lab does not keep any stock at all! Lycus accepts donated items, which he offers for free to any student in need. If no one wants a donated item, Lycus uses it for his experiments after 24 hours.

Iris in the Tatters does not keep any stock, either. As you’ve seen before, she takes care of all the Kith without Allies.

Each shop item costs a certain number of Shards. Sometimes the Characters selling those items will increase or decrease the price a little, so it pays to pay attention!

But how do you earn Shards? Well, besides Quest rewards, you can also play Games! Click on Play and select a game from the dropdown options.

Each game has an optional Fullscreen and Mobile version that you can use. Do not bookmark these links directly, or you won’t receive any Shards from playing! Each game also has a How To Play button within the game that explains the rules of the game.

That was fun! Want to talk about it? You can earn Shards by posting in the Forums. Click on Community > Forums.

The Forums are divided into various categories and subcategories. Click on a category to view topics and subcategories within it. The yellow icon indicates that you have unread posts in a category, while the gray icon indicates that you have read all the posts in that category.

At the top of the page you’ll see the subcategories, if there are any, and a few buttons. Click on New Topic to create a new topic. You can click on Subscribe if you want to receive a notification each time a new topic is made in this category. You can also click on Mark As Read if you want the yellow ‘unread’ icon to change to the gray ‘read’ icon. This is helpful for active Forum readers who like seeing what’s new!

When creating a new topic, you’ll need to write a Title and a Body. You can use BBCode in the Body to add style, pictures, links, and spoilers to whatever you have to say! To the left you’ll see your avatar and the information that other users will see beside your new post. Click on Preview to see a preview of your post - just in case your BBCode got mixed up - and click Submit to make your post final.

You’re automatically Subscribed to any of your own topics. You can click Unsubscribe to stop receiving notifications of new posts on your topic, or click Subscribe again if you want to receive notifications of new posts. The Cheer button allows you to give a +1 Cheer for any topic you particularly enjoy! You have no limit on your Forum Cheers, so spread as much cheer as you want!

There are also buttons in the top-right corner of each post. On another user’s post, you will see the Report button, which you should use to report any malicious or rule-breaking posts, and the Quote button, which copies the post’s content into your Reply at the bottom of the page.

On your own posts, you will also see the Edit and Delete buttons.

Browse through categories you’re interested in to read about related topics and meet some users with shared interests! You can see how lengthy a topic is by the number of pages listed beneath the Title. The Replies can also clue you in on that. Or you can judge a topic’s popularity instead by the number of Cheers that a topic has. Finally, the Last Post information can help you quickly see when a topic was last updated.

Posting in the Forums is a great way to make friends. Click on a username to view that user’s Profile. You should Cheer for a particularly kind or funny user to show your appreciation! You can only give 1 User Cheer per day, so come back tomorrow if you’ve used up your Cheer already!

If you want to keep track of a user, invite them to be on your Friends list by clicking Befriend. You can always find your Friends by clicking on Community > Friends.

If you want to talk to a user directly, click Send PM to write a one-on-one message to them. You can always find your messages by clicking on View Messages in the sidebar, or by clicking on Community > Inbox.

Sending a private message is similar to posting in the Forums. Write a Subject and a Body, with optional BBCode formatting, and click Preview or Submit just as you would on the Forums.

Whenever you receive a private message, you’ll see it on the sidebar as well. Click on the Title to go directly to that message.

Similarly, you may receive notifications on the sidebar. All users are automatically Subscribed to the Announcements made by administrators, so that you can be aware of any important site updates. If you want to turn this off, click Unsubscribe from the Announcements page.

Notifications that you cannot opt-out of include Kith notifications (letting you know when your Kith has learned a new transformation!) and received messages, trades, friend requests, etc.

Speaking of Trades, let’s take a look at that next. Click on Community > Trades.

Trades are exactly what they sound like: a way to trade items, Shards, and Gems with other users. Incoming Trades is a list of Trades that have been offered to you by another user, while Pending Trades is a list of Trades that you have offered to another user. Click on Start a New Trade to give it a try.

The first field you should fill out is the To: field, where you should enter the username you want to trade with. This has an autocomplete function to help you avoid misspellings. This is the only field you must fill out - if you want to offer nothing (for example, if a user is giving you a gift for free) you can.

Next are fields for you to offer Shards or Gems. Below that is your Items, which can be selected by clicking on them in your Inventory below. There is no limit to how many items can be offered in a Trade. Just like the Inventory page, you can click on the tabs to sort through items by their item type.

Lastly is a Comment field where you can write a note to the user you’re trading with. Think of this as a one-time sticky note that attaches onto your shiny pile of trade goods - it cannot be edited once sent, and you only attach one Comment per Trade. If you need to have a longer conversation about a Trade, take it to the Marketplace Forum or your Messages.

Once you have sent a Trade, you’ll see it listed under Pending Trades. You can click on the Trade number to view the details of your Trade, or click on the user’s avatar to view their Profile. Clicking on the arrow shows a dropdown choice between these or a shortcut to Cancel the Trade. The same format happens when you have an Incoming Trade.

When another user sends you a Trade, or responds to your Trade offer, you’ll receive a Notification in your sidebar that links to the Trade.

Once you have received their half of the trade, Their Half will be shown in the same format as Your Half.

You can now Send them an offer in return (if they made an offer to you first) or Accept their offer (if you made the offer first). If you don’t like the offer they made, you can Cancel the Trade entirely and start over.

If a user is bothering you with Trade offers, you can Block them by using the Block button on their user profile to stop them from being able to send any more Trades to you. If you wish to Trade with them again in the future, you’ll have to Unblock them.

Blocking a user also stops them from sending you Messages, and hides their posts from you in the Forums. You can choose to view hidden posts if you want to.

At long last, we can move onto the advanced subject of Cooking! Click on Create > Cooking to go to your Kitchen.

First you’ll see an experience bar. This tracks your Level and shows you how many Recipes you must cook before you advance to the next level. The better your Cooking Level, the more experience your Active Kith will receive from Cooking!

Below that is an image of your Kitchen itself. You’ll notice your Active Kith is present, and will offer you words of encouragement (or critiques…) as you cook. As you collect Tools with which you can cook, they will appear in your Kitchen once you equip them!

You can tell whether a Tool is available to use by its image in the Kitchen. A messy Tool is still being cleaned. When a Tool is being cleaned, you will see a timer appear below the Kitchen which shows how long until that Tool will be available to use again.

Below that are the Recipes that you can cook. The Recipes are sorted into tabs for easy access. The Ready tab shows you any Recipes you know and have all the necessary Ingredients and Tools to cook. The Known tab shows you all the Recipes you know. The Unknown shows you all the Recipes you can still learn. The All tab shows you all the Recipes you can use in your Kitchen. Click on a Recipe to view it.

The pop-up window will show you an item description at the top half, and then a list of Recipe Requirements below. Ingredients are items that are used to make the Recipe every single time you make it. That means they will be deleted in order to create your new cooked meal! Tools are items that can be equipped once and reused again forever. However, Tools need to be cleaned each time they’re used, so you can skip the cleaning time by equipping a new Tool in its place.

To equip a Tool in your Kitchen, you must first collect the Tool from shopping or questing or trading, and then go to your Inventory and click on the Tool. Select Equip This Tool from the dropdown list to equip it in your Kitchen forever. This deletes the Tool from your Inventory, and cannot be undone!

To learn a Recipe, you must first collect the Recipe from shopping/questing/trading, and then go to your Inventory and click on the Recipe. Select Learn This Recipe from the dropdown list to memorize this Recipe forever. This deletes the Recipe from your Inventory, and cannot be undone!

Once you’ve completed a Recipe, your Kith will say something to you in the Kitchen and you’ll see the Cleaning timer for any Tools used. You can have as many Tools being cleaned at once as you can fit in your Kitchen! To check out your new cooked meal, go to your Inventory and click on the Food tab. Feeding these meals to your Active Kith will give them more Health than simple foods will!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a problem?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, check out the Site Guides Forum or our FAQ. If you still have unanswered questions, try asking them in your introduction post on the Welcome to Hope Forum or in the User Q&A Forum!

Please report any problems with the site to the Technical Support Forum. If the site it down, feel free to contact us on social media or through one of our email contacts.

Can I get more Kith?

Yes! The quickest way to do so is to buy 500 Gems and use those Gems on a Kith Nest for sale in the Headmaster’s Office. Not an option? Not a problem! Raise your Active Kith to 400 in all Abilities to unlock 1 new Ally! Each Kith you raise to 400 in all Abilities allows you to Ally with 1 more Kith.
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