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A little bare by Dreadnoughtus won the Avatar Spotlight!
I'm fully clothed I swear.
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- Z -

Model Student

Joined: October 20, 2016 Active Kith: Boop
Birthday: October 08 Kith Alliances: 11
I am: >:3c Forum Posts: 2101
Call me: they/them. Website: N/A
Cheers: 50 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 73 Wishlist: View

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  • 12/10

    despite my title, im not always the model student. ive had a few Missteps, u kno? and i feel that more serious Missteps could occur without good mod support. not that bad things are happening, but...more people to move threads to the proper forums or to give newbies a heads up on the rules would be nice! with boo's promotion, we dont have any ppl who are just mods anymore. as the site grows, the need for more mods will only increase - i think it would be better to act sooner rather than later.

  • 12/10
    Re: Hello!


  • 12/10
    Re: ℍ𝔼𝕃𝕃𝕆 ...

    oh fuck fancy text

  • 12/08

    aesop wants to read every book. all of them. which MEAANNNSSSSSSSSS if you grant a wish of one of the books on my wishlist, i'll write you whatever you want! if its gifted anonymously, anybody can request something! to do: Mochi/Othidar fic for Dread Jay Love for Hearti robin friend crying rain for Maripo Miranda Reef Adventure for Hyperion unclaimed anonymous offers: IIIII

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18slytherinplague flight

hey i'm zβ˜†! im the model student!!!

i'm a journalism student who loves conspiracy theories, ghost hunting, and cryptids (though i wouldnt say that i solidly believe in any of them). i love to write as well (an important trait for a j major), and loooove aliens and everything space themed!!

i like anything with a kinda creepy feel, so long as it doesn't take itself too seriously.

i type with little to no punctuation correct capitalization because buddy its the internet and its hard to tell when i'm speaking in a certain tone of voice. i am a writer and am fully capable of writing correctly. i just want to emphasize that my voice is often even and rambling and sometimes draaaawling unTIL I GET EXCITED!!! so Do Not Bug Me Abt It

my favorite hobby is indulging in narcissism :3c

heres the light of my life

here's a pic of himochi impersonating me


from Adraxa » December 01, 2017 10:43 AM

hello manifestation of my nightmares
how are you doing today

from Karen » October 10, 2017 05:33 AM

That "Viva la God Damn Revolution!!!!" gif in the Hero's Battle thread is a thing of beauty

from Hearticorn » August 11, 2017 12:13 AM

best letter

from Monstateer » July 10, 2017 01:42 PM

Don't mind the fact that I'm stalking your comment section.
I'm a comment stalker! : U

Anyhow, how have you've been as of late? XD

from Dread » March 31, 2017 11:31 PM

Birb says hi to friend!
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