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I broke hoof it! by Hintswen won the Game Spotlight!
This is what I believe is my highest score before hoof it was changed to show your shards earned as the score.
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  • 02/17
    Re: Clarify what Mawnites evolve ...

    just wanted to chime in another person that was somewhat... not disappointed... and I do enjoy the Mawnite design - would probably have gotten one eventually... But I picked it BECAUSE it looked like it was a dragon holding something. I assumed that the dragon, covered in chains (not even realizing it was a 'stone' dragon, just assuming that stony was it's personality) that needed help opening up was just that - and the item it was holding was a little trinket that would evolve with it or as it grew it would show off to me, etc So later when I decided to spoil myself on designs (right before my 1st stage level) and found out that, nah it's the exact opposite of what I thought was... I wasn't sad or anything since I enjoyed the design enough. But like, I have a friend who has a blue dragon character from another pet site, who I named the Mawnite after, because blue dragon and on top of that I like dragons and wanted my first pet to be one, etc etc. Not realizing that the small snake was ACTUALLY the dragon and not the pet that looked like a... well... dragon. I guess it's my fault for not spoiling myself sooner but yeah... if I didn't like the Mawnite skeleton designs that would have probably been it for me here. My first pet, all the time I'd spent getting it's stats to that first stage, etc... would have felt like such an absolute waste that I wouldn't really want to do it all over again only to get something I wasn't expecting or even wanted. Now as for a solution I'm not really sure either. I don't think naming the stages would help much for newbies... like when I was going through the options, I didn't even know what Hope was really. I wouldn't have understood what the heck the "Shadow Stage" was... in fact if anything it would have just made me think "oh this is a spooky dragon then... makes sense with the chains!" and then later learned that The Shadow Stage was another remnant and it had a theme of masks and such... so it wouldn't help the main issue... but I can see it being helpful for general organization for sure. Maybe if they had classes? Or something similar? Like it being classed as an Undead Kith* or a Fantasy Kith or straight Dragon Kith, Underwater Kith, etc *maybe not that wording depending on Mawnite lore... like are they undead? Not a clue... Actually... Any lore at all would help if that's not already planned to be a thing. A little story or information blurb showing maybe pictures that aren't straight spoiling the forms we can get, but a visual of the tiny skelly or other NPCs Mawnites/kith (i hear the TSS actually has one) or something to point towards what you're getting into with a particular Kith. That might be asking way to much though if it's not already planned. (sorry this is long, I'm a rambler, whoops)

  • 02/12
    Re: Remnant Suggestions

    Also, on a completely 100% different note (That I'm sure has also been suggested before probably) A cryptid world would also be super fun. Get everyone's favorite chubby snake cryptid, get bigfoot (heck do both he's the brother of a yeti from snow world (tm)(jk)), toss in the many-winged many-eyed angle things (are they cryptids? probably not but people like 'em too), get MothMan!?!? You know how many people I can immediately imagine jumping directly out of their skin to devote themselves to mothman? Everyone loves that little herald of disaster. The only real thing is that it would probably be considered a spooky world. And if the order they're on on the explore page is also the order of release then we def don't need another spooky world anytime soon... but cryptids certainly aren't Unpopular, that's for dang sure.

  • 02/12
    Re: Remnant Suggestions

    While there are already a few remnants that deal with the idea of co-existing something like this would also be another way to deal with the idea. Not to completely pull the Coral Reef story off but the idea of non-cave dwellers being forced to live with actual cave dwellers and intermingle on terms that perhaps weren't possible or preferred before could be interesting. A cave critter who once enjoyed the solitude and darkness of his cave suddenly having to share with an 'outsider' who also happens to be noah's arking half the forest/mountain with him is an interesting idea. Cave/crystal monsters, yeti's, abominable snowmen, etc squished together with a group of people (or other creatures) that once either feared them or didn't get along... or heck, got along fine with, just didn't expect to be cramped into the spooky old abandoned mine-shaft style cave system with sounds fun. Also I haven't opened up the CR yet but it seems different enough that it could work out as it's own unique idea instead of just being Pirate and Merfolk 2.0 Technically, from what I can tell, EF is also about co-existence between all those fantasy races as well and a general theme of TW itself is co-existence with the Kith. There's also stories of adaptation in harsh climates beyond just hiding out in a cave too. Maybe toss it for a loop and have the cave critters have to bunk up with non-cave critters out in the open because the caves are overrun with bad tatter beasties (if those exist of course) or just way to full of snow to actually live normally as they used to.

  • 02/12
    Re: Remnant Suggestions

    It might have been mentioned in thread already but I think a snow remnant of some sort would be a good addition! Either snowy mountain or tundra or somehow mixed with the previous cave based suggestions! One part being on the snow covered surface/mountain and the other being deep in said mountain/underground or otherwise away from the cold! In terms of characters there's a good deal of snow based critters that could be pulled - the classic yeti, snowmen, the various snow-based cryptids, the standard snowy huntsman. I enjoy both the snowy mountain aesthetic and the underground cave/gem/mineral aesthetic but maybe it's just the current weather here or maybe it's because I've been envisioning my Mawnite in a ushanka-hat (and his little dragon fella in a snow beanie with a little puff ball on top) for too long but I think it could be a fun one!

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from Elleshie » February 13, 2019 05:18 AM

Thank you for the gifts! <3

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