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Magical Girl by Cherell won the Avatar Spotlight!
Here to help with magic ... hopefully.
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Rainbow Admin

Joined: September 15, 2015 Active Kith: Citrus
Birthday: August 10 Kith Alliances: 3
I am: a cis bi woman Forum Posts: 3178
Call me: she/her Website: Mythmakers
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  • 05/22

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  • 05/20
    Re: Fusion RP: Rat-Infested Basem...

    Even with a blindfold on, the Blind Lady could tell from the doorway that Lord Morne's smile was rather put upon. Still, he was lowering his wand and being polite, so perhaps the devil was a gentleman after all. Perhaps he was a confirmed bachelor who disliked the idea of a lord and lady being left unchaperoned. Men did always have such predictable thoughts. She stopped inching away as he hastened toward her, apparently more displeased by the sight of the magic mirror than her company. However, the Guiding Light scolded them for wanting to "split the party," a term she wasn't familiar with. Was that a euphemism? Goodness, this group had their minds in the gutters. However, then the Guiding Light suggested Ada try out some keys - "Keys?" the Blind Lady repeated hopefully, brightening. "You've found them?" Ada cheerfully affirmed without looking up... and was immediately distracted by her reflection. Sigh. The Blind Lady began to clear her throat pointedly, but then Ada touched the mirror, and spoke so softly, so thoughtfully, it was almost... wistful? The Borrowed followed her gaze and claimed it was strange, but not dangerous. Silently, the Blind Lady disagreed. Surely such enchantment was dangerous to see, a trick of mirrors meant to catch and hold your eye. Spells that could capture, could bind, could trap - "She Who Shines Like Gold Upon-" "Again? I told you, I cannot-" "You must! We have but little time left. My wife, please-" "Don't you love us? We have spent years - decades - caring for you!" "I-I don't know how! Master -" "You will do as you are bid! Our contract-" The jolt back to the present made her nearly trip backwards, clutching dizzily at the doorway. Was that a memory? What did it mean, those voices - a man's, a woman's, and her own? Her parents? Her overlords? She struggled to hold onto the sounds that echoed in her mind, tried to place it somewhere solid, to see as well as to hear; but all that she could imagine was the distant glint of gold in the darkness. Unreal, unreal, unreal, she thought again...

  • 05/17
    Re: Games not working? Post here!

    All three of those Bumble Bum issues should be fixed now! You may need to logout & login again as well as clear your cache.

  • 05/17
    Re: New Game: Bumble Bum!

    Himochi is correct that the number of Shards earned changes based on which enemies are selected, but I'd have to open up the program to look specifically at the amounts. It's based on the difficulty of the enemy. They do not add directly - Shards earned from having frogs & bees selected does not equal the same amount as Shards earned from only frogs plus Shards earned from only bees. Like most of our games, I tried to set the amount fairly between each selection so that no matter what version you are playing, you should earn around 60-100 Shards per minute. And, like most of our games, there may need to be adjustments made after the general release to the public, so it's something I'm keeping an eye on! As for 'infinite Shards', it's similar to Hoof It's endless mode - you can choose to play that way if you wish, but your per-minute Shard earnings should be about the same as if you were playing any other game for the same length of time.

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tfw u run the site

A small PSA because I don't want to set a bad example: You might see me online at all hours, but please don't believe that means I work 24/7. I take plenty of breaks! TW has a lot of things I find fun, like game design and creative writing and programming, so sometimes the stuff I do for fun happens to become "work" I use for TW later. My lack of a sleep schedule may make it seem like I'm always working, but really I just live on naps; I've been that way since a two-year-long struggle with insomnia when I was a teenager. Please remember to always listen to your body's needs and give your mind a break!

My avatar + my girlfriend Dread's avatar by Ruevian

My cute avatar as drawn by Haiz

MY FIRST EVER FAN ART!!! ;A; by bunnikkila

A spittake at the hilarious posts of stopboorider

My not-so-noble death in - Z -'s Hunger Games.

drew chibi me riding the unicorn code!!

Hilarious and accurate comic by stopboorider


from Dread » May 21, 2019 08:17 PM

Djskss love please- I tried so hard to think of a good pun in return but all my brain came up with is you lit me up which not exactly what I want to go for

from Ruevian » April 24, 2019 02:17 PM

....hey wait a minute

from Dread » March 14, 2019 02:56 PM

Beautiful magical girl

from Hearticorn » February 20, 2019 10:29 AM

hmmmm... black and rainbow....... goth rainbow?

from Amarayne » February 18, 2019 02:27 PM

Thanks so much! Some old, some new, and a LOT of dye went into it. Some days you've just got to embrace the rainbow.
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