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Too Many Items by Himochi won the Gallery Spotlight!
This sure is a lot of items, huh? Just... don't think too hard about how they fit in this room, okay?
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The Victor

Joined: June 30, 2016 Active Kith: Tin
Birthday: October 08 Kith Alliances: 27
I am: a knight Forum Posts: 7127
Call me: Dread Website: N/A
Cheers: 104 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 569 Wishlist: View

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  • 06/25
    Re: FusionRP - Kairos Robotics [c...

    Yuki continued to sit there as Turing crawled forward and stood up, the robot apologizing briefly before rushing forward excitedly. She was trembling- her guilt….the merchant had been right, it had returned for her. But it…it wasn’t what she expected, seeming to tremble in fear itself, and letting out a howl that pierced through her when Turing tripped. She stood, slowly, her legs shaky, but she needed to move forward, she was drawn to this….no she had sold it, removed it…everything conflicted in her mind, an emptiness in her heart that pulled her forward, but her fear wanting so much to run. But she stepped forward, slowly, grasping the doorframe. “S-static, are you alright?” she stammered, her fear threatening to overwhelm her but she couldn’t stay where she was, and shouldn’t go back on what she had said. Protect Static, protect Turing, friend, help… She tried to look forward for Turing, avoiding for a moment longer what she must face, but then darkness fell as the doors closed. She cried out, so overwhelmed that the sudden darkness startled her, and she grasped at the wall. She looked back, and there were two glowing eyes staring back at her. “S-static?” she said, voice trembling, her whole body shaking as she leaned heavily against the wall for support. The eyes approached, slowly, and she heard a soft trill from their general direction. No this was….she tensed up, and heard the trilling stop and settle into a soft mew. Her eyes were beginning to adjust, but the creature was so dark its eyes were really the only thing to stand out. It seemed….sad though. Regretful. And she was falling into the trap she always did, letting her fear dictate everything. Swallowing, she reached her hand down and closed her eyes, a gesture for the creature to approach. The creature looked on at her, a mix of curiosity at her reaching out and fear of doing something wrong. Like with Static, it approached slowly, earflaps back, until it touched what would have be its nose to her hand. Immediately feelings of regret, sorrow, guilt washed over her and her legs gave way. The creature made a soft cry as she collapsed, and crawled between her arms, making soft, soothing mews the entire time as it curled up near her chest. It was still heavy now, but not like before- like if a weighted blanket was giving sentient form. Yukira’s eyes did not open, though fresh tears did begin to fall, and her breathing was shallow, but there. One arm twitched and curled around the creature, almost protectively, but she did not wake, the feelings overwhelming. But it was not all feelings of pain- no, you see, guilt is so very hard to separate entirely from other emotions- fear, sure, but also empathy, compassion, caring, kindness. Those feelings were rising to the surface as well, and though she could not move yet, it was some comfort to have that connection returned, to feel whole once more.

  • 06/25
    Re: Site Contest Winners: June 2018

    *sweats* do I have time....to make the gay art.... Edit because I forgot to say- congrats to the winners!

  • 06/25
    Re: Potion Panic Tips

    I can consistently get in the 600s but can get higher depending on what potions I end up getting- here are my main tips I'll second a few said earlier- combos near the bottom allow for more combos on the screen seem to help, but speed is honestly the most important thing imo. While combos are matching, plan out your next move- try to have something planed before the combos run out so you are ready. I use the potions immediately after I get them- idk if this makes a difference actually, but it helps me remember to actually use them. Green potions are evil, I agree with parda pray for no green.

  • 06/24
    Re: New to TW

    Welcome welcome welcome!! The grey tutorial buttons, as well as the site guides forum, are super helpful, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Welcome again!

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Amazing Cela by Fancy!!!!

Shazzbaa killed me on my birthday

Mira commissioned Diana and I from Ruevian and its amazing?? AHHHH

Morty murdered me with some pixel gay

I had too much art and it was causing my profile to load pretty slow, but you can find it all in this imgur album which I will keep up to date!!

I'm on a quest to win the heart
of the princess from this part
of Enchanted Forest, the world still new
to much of us, that part is true

But Cela's quest to marry now
with storm a brewing, she won't allow
the forest to be destroyed
and therefore, in quest to avoid

destruction of her home and place
she has put on a brave face
Her duty, honor to uphold
harkens back to times of old

but if she wishes, if this be her fate
to choose a suitor before to late
then I will gladly stay by her side
and become the princess' bride.

At some point I will update this and make it pretty...

Hi! Call me Dread! She/her or they/them, either way's good. Feel free to friend me or send a message to chat! I'm currently a PhD student focusing on geology and paleontology. I'm here all the time, so you will probably see me around, probably layered with way too much apparel.


from Runery » June 11, 2018 12:21 AM

Oh, cool!! I'll keep an eye out for them :)

from Runery » June 10, 2018 08:29 PM

I love that cape!! What is it called?

from Tisithefrenchiestfry » May 18, 2018 04:42 PM

Thank you so very much for commenting! I know Blue will really appreciate it!! :) Also I L O V E your avatar O.O!! You look absolutely ethereal!

from Aotani » May 11, 2018 04:52 PM

you look so bright today dread :OOO

from Ruevian » May 03, 2018 06:09 PM

Doesn't it?? We knights need more PRETTY ACCESSORIES

The circlets are especially nice
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