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Ode to a Princess by Dread won the Writing Spotlight!
If storm come again, or threat from above
I will be there with a hand and a sword
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Joined: June 22, 2016 Active Kith: Burrito
Birthday: April 03 Kith Alliances: 2
I am: tired & hungry Forum Posts: 729
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 06/13
    Re: Thursday the 13th: Slasher's ...

    [@Himochi] [@Aotani] here, (Muscle Shirt Selection) now [@Ruevian] can be ripped *flexes*

  • 06/13
    Re: Thursday the 13th: Slasher's ...

    "a little busy" you say ;3c I'm sure The Scribe would thank you for keeping him occupied if she weren't so busy with her work. ...maybe I should stop in and make sure she's taking care of herself.... (my favorite is Slashed Catwalk Etiquette)

  • 06/13
    A comparison of Solarium food, pe...

    A'ight so I've had a lot of strange thoughts lately thanks to my meds waking me up every couple hours, so maybe I'm completely off base, but here's the latest; the strict, tightly controlled way that the Solarium runs their food production is very similar to how their people are treated. Compare Marisol and her job to Robin. Both offer fresh produce, (and have some similar physical features,)* but their personalities are entirely different. Marisol is clearly under a lot of stress, with botanists being considered the "toughest job on the whole damn station" requiring what's implied to be the most rigorous education. Robin is much more carefree, even though her job is essentially the same. Surely there are other gardeners here as well, but Hope is (or was, for all of its history) just as much a closed off society with no access to outside resources as the Solarium. A bad harvest season could have caused mass starvation, even killed the entire population. Yet, Robin is a blinding ray of sunshine while Marisol feels like a "dark cloud". Of course people are people and their jobs don't determine their personality, but it seems to me that they are fairly heavily intertwined in these cases. Now, compare produce items like the Fresh Orange and Perfect Orange, and Hope's Egg versus the infamous G.E.E.. Even the Solarium's seasonings are distributed in tightly packed little units rather than in their "natural" state. (Though most seem to be artificially created anyway) Their produce is expected to be optimally designed to its absolute highest potential, with as little waste as scientifically possible. Nothing less than perfection. And the people are expected to work the same way. Tigjtly controlled schedules with designated break times for rest and food, no flexibility. Those of us in school or with certain jobs may forget that that's not normal, but look at Jay taking coffee breaks whenever she likes or Skyler reading in the shelves all day, and doing their jobs just fine, or a college student walking out of a boring lecture unpunished but for any information they miss. But what happens to the people of the Solarium who don't -or can't- live up to that expectation of expectation of controlled perfection? It seems that aids are used or allowed wherever they can be helpful and determined not to be a hindrance. Marisol is provided with a therapist and technological aid for her mental health, and I suspect her unusual relationship with Beebot has been noted somewhere as beneficial. But what about in cases that can't be helped? I'm sure he'd prefer you didn't, but look at Elliot. Scarred. Broken. Literally rotting like a piece of damaged produce. Once considered a top scientist, but now he's quite literally sent out with the trash every day, to bring back other, more useful materials. With his personality, it's hard to know just how sarcastic he's being when he says things like "at least I'm still useful. *koff*" *at least in comparison to, say, Piper and Shay being toy sellers, and Marcus and The Scribe who both sell books.

  • 06/10
    Re: Site Contest: June 2019

    [@Piper] I'm picturing you with your dad's mustache, building a deck. Seeba is your child

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local silk/coffee/electronics dealer

Thank you to everyone who's sent me beach glass!!
the collection grows >:3c


from Amarayne » January 31, 2019 12:24 AM

Aww, thanks! Pretty far off a usual Rayne look, but I wanted to be cyberpunkish!

from TheHeroicOne » January 21, 2019 07:06 PM


from Himochi » January 18, 2019 06:58 PM

You should check out stopboorider's profile description..... might be enlightening hehe

from LilNeps » December 17, 2018 05:24 AM

Hahaha you're so right, that's kinda ironic! I didn't even realise :p I'll have to make a more appropriate avi I guess! And thanks for the cheer!! I returned the kindness :D

from Ruevian » November 20, 2018 12:24 PM

winks each eye slowly, one at a time
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