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Kith Accessories by Dread won the Apparel Design Spotlight!
Whoever said allies and kith look alike was completely right!
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First Class

Joined: June 16, 2016 Active Kith: Humninus
Birthday: January 22 Kith Alliances: 11
I am: N/A Forum Posts: 579
Call me: N/A Website: Art Hub
Cheers: 43 Gallery: View
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  • 10/16
    Re: Gwennafran's Shop: Flower Gow...

    [@Club] I got to work on it some more. Still need all the other avatars, though *dies*. I'm not quite sure if I should separate the freckles into freckles and a forehead "band". It's more expensive, but gives more options. I'm also considering if I should add moss to the dress. I'm still planning a short hair option. Just haven't gotten there yet.

  • 09/22
    Re: Gwennafran's Shop: Flower Gow...

    [@Club] Haha, you got me working a bit. Most items has no shading yet. As expected, the planning has changed a bit after starting sketching. What I got here is four items. I'm considering also doing crystal arm bracers and as mentioned the rock gown. Also some short hair (ironically, this is harder for me to do well that long hair). That'd put the set on 7 items total.

  • 09/22
    Re: Gwennafran's Shop: Flower Gow...

    [@Maripo] It's definitively the light grey brocade on the near dark background. That's how we often are presented to nice spider webs in photos. :) I did consider trying to reverse grey and clack, but that wouldn't be the Starlit theme then. Anyway, if you have no changes I'll submit it to site. :)

  • 09/22
    Re: Gwennafran's Shop: Flower Gow...

    [@Maripo] How does this look? :) GS Starlit Flower Gown

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from Maripo » September 08, 2018 09:32 AM

You're welcome, I'm looking forward to seeing some user-designed clothing (even if it's not made available for purchase)!

from Himochi » April 04, 2018 04:39 PM

Your avatar is really cute today! :D

from Laurel Nobilis » April 24, 2017 12:14 PM

Congratulations on winning the Spotlight competition!

from Laurel Nobilis » February 24, 2017 02:04 PM

loves quests and collecting data, was a venture capitalist who made this site possible for everybody, would like to meet them

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