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First Class

Joined: June 16, 2016 Active Kith: Ild
Birthday: January 22 Kith Alliances: 10
I am: N/A Forum Posts: 546
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 04/04
    Re: Code Update: 4/3/18

    I have a busy day Today, and was just thinking i'd just go down in reputation for Today, rather than clicking all the buttons. Thank you!

  • 03/16
    Re: Forum Feedback

    I've been very active on another site with custom options, and generally, collectors simply don't consider customs part of the collectable achievement. I can see how it's different if it's and item you want to own because you like it (I've felt that pain for pretty, pretty items from users that are long gone and no longer selling), but from the collecting achievement worry, people usually adapt to ignore customs pretty fast.

  • 03/16
    Re: Forum Feedback

    1. YES PLEASE! The amount of work in not losing reputation can actually make me loose interest in site overall, if I have days I don't feel like playing, and it feels like i have to start all over working up after that. 2. I think if you can choose to stop a ktih from getting personality points it'd be the best option. Having to wait until 400 to set a personality would personally stress me out. 3. My main reason for joining TW's kickstarter was the hope that this could become my new site for creating custom clothing. I've made a *lot* of custom clothing for another pet game, but as that site has been slowly dying over the last few years, I'm pretty much on the hunt for a good replacement. :) There's been a lot of new pet games lately, but very few has the actual option of creating custom avatar clothing. I would strongly advise for user created clothing to go into it's own shop. - You can't control the (art) quality of what is made very well, when users are paying to create the item. And even if it's nice quality, the art style might not really fit into the rest of the site style. Collecting it one place would keep the visual confusion minimal. - Also as others have mentioned, it'd clutter up quests.

  • 02/20
    Re: Code Update: 2/20/18

    Hahaha, I stopped doing dailies for 3-4 months (just about the time coral reef were in the process of being introduced), and has only just worked my way mostly up for formerly fully devoted Hope and EF again, over the last month or so. This update is very much appreciated. :)

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from Himochi » April 04, 2018 04:39 PM

Your avatar is really cute today! :D

from Laurel Nobilis » April 24, 2017 12:14 PM

Congratulations on winning the Spotlight competition!

from Laurel Nobilis » February 24, 2017 02:04 PM

loves quests and collecting data, was a venture capitalist who made this site possible for everybody, would like to meet them

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