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Purple and Darkness by Lydia won the Art Spotlight!
Waiting for you to speak, the dark witch strokes her kith
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Joined: October 30, 2016 Active Kith: Lucy
Birthday: September 03 Kith Alliances: 2
I am: cool Forum Posts: 138
Call me: anytime ;D Website: My art page
Cheers: 7 Gallery: View

Latest Forum Activity

  • 03/26
    Re: Letter to...

    I have a light-hearted one. To my Dear, Sweet, Assbutt Rabbit, Please stop digging your litter out onto the floor every morning. You wake me up with it, and our other bunny pees on it. I do not want to start my day with cleaning up poop and floor pee. Also my pants are not the enemy. There is no threat that requires you to stop licking me in favor of clawing and biting the fabric on my legs. It actually hurts. You are a jerk. Please stop being a jerk. Always with patience, Your Owner

  • 03/26
    Re: No-Nonsense Advice

    I've never actually had issue with "beer before liquor, never sicker" it always just all mixes together in the end. So I'm not sure if I'm just the outlier, or there are more without this issue. The only life hack I rigidly ascribe to is: moderation. Eat in moderation, make sure you eat a moderate amount of different things with different nutrients. Exercise in moderation, get in some cardio, some strength, some endurance training. Spend money in moderation, save a chunk, spend a bit so you have some comforts. Socialize in moderation. Time management, relaxation, work. Admittedly, I also realize I have some privileges that allow me to do things like save, eat well, have free time, so your milage may vary. Just do what you can with what you have. Even a little bit is good enough. But for an old wives tale: cayenne pepper and oregano oil or whatever won't cure your cold. Cold FX won't cure your cold - it's just ginseng extract. Cold viruses don't care. A cold will last on average 7 days regardless of what you do to help it move faster. (obviously not applicable to immunocompromised people) EDIT: Also oh my god everyone, drink more water. Water is why everything exists on this planet. Seriously, drink more water. Prevent a million different types of stone buildup.

  • 03/26
    Re: Rabbit's Burrow

    That... Is a good question. Both it is!! (unless I live in a place where a large dog just wouldn't be happy. We'll see.) @Egon Those rabbit videos are so great. Especially that first one. I love bunnies so much. ;_; Thank you.

  • 03/25
    Re: searching for adult advice

    I seriously wish I didn't live in the, pretty much, only large city in Canada/America that doesn't have or allow Uber/Lyft. I'm learning so much right now.

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I make cartoons and draw aliens and people pay me for it.

I really like bunnies.


from Laurel Nobilis » February 27, 2017 08:33 AM

dark wizard with an adorable bumblebunnee

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