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Just a girl… by Mandee won the Avatar Spotlight!
Anyway, I hope you... like... me? Hmm, that's a little weird to say, but yeah! I hope you do!
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Joined: October 31, 2016 Active Kith: Hour
Birthday: N/A Kith Alliances: 6
I am: lava friend Forum Posts: 1070
Call me: "may-fick" Website: N/A
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  • 04/26
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    oh fuck he misunderstood they were all supposed to pick their own doors not one as a group FUCK Apparently his anxiety was, well, apparent, as both the dark man and the, tiefling? stopped to offer some words of encouragement. Alright maybe he'll, go and open another door-- oh the dark guy just said to stick with him. Alright guess he's staying here then. He nodded. "A-alright," he said softly, "I, I'll stay out here in case-- in case something happens." Wow, that came out a lot more cowardly than it sounded in his head. He really just wanted to stay here so maybe he could grab him and yank him back in case something happened. But alright, this is how it be now. The man began to step cautiously through the door and Melody positioned himself at the door, ready to jump in after if needed. He reached in his pocket, hoping to find his wand at least, but instead found only some lint. That's fine. This is fine. “I’m sorry. But if we are to work together, what should I call all of you?” "U-uh,," He tried to say his name but the word died on his tongue. Guess he has to stick with his new nickname. "Melody."

  • 04/23
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    The dark man laid out a plan for them. Everyone pick a door, look inside but don't enter, say what you see, stick together. Sounds alright. Melody stood behind him as he opened the door to.. a child's room? An old and abandoned child's room.. He glanced at the others. Should he start reporting what he sees? If he misunderstood he doesn't want to just start shouting things out and look stupid. And then he saw the woman from earlier pull out a sword and open another room. He was already on edge, but now the hair on the back of his neck stood up. That wasn't the plan..! Or-- was it? He still wasn't firing on all cylinders. He shrunk into himself and let everyone else sort things out. He didn't want to mess anything up.

  • 04/20
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    Melody blinked, trying to bring himself back into focus. He was still shaken by his encounter with Beetle, and now.. He forced himself to pay attention. A beetle, or a "beetle;" a monster?; a locked room; three keys. Well. This is just a proper five dollar indie horror game isn't it. Lovely. The one person, the one with horns and a tail, seemed especially unhappy with this and made his displeasure known with his favorite four letter word and started opening doors. A dark man who's hair seemed to be changing color encouraged them to be cautious. Melody decided right now the best thing to do would be to hang back and attempt to achieve invisibility while maybe getting his brain to stop yelling.

  • 04/15
    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask ...

    O-oh. Jay, didn't even really look at him. He immediately scolded himself for being disappointed. They've got a lot on their plate right now. Be a little more understanding. Caught up in his own thoughts as he was, he didn't even notice the servant approach until he felt faint, warm breath on his ear. "Pardon me, but the host would like to speak with you again." Melody about jumped out of his skin, making a noise more akin to randoms startled sounds than anything else. "JEEz I-- I-- th-thank you I-- wait where--?" The servant was already gone. He'd have to find Beetle himself it seems. "S-sorry," he said to the others at the table. "I-- I'll be back, maybe." He gets up and (after pausing to pop one last shrimp in his mouth, just in case he doesn't get another chance to eat for a while) he slinks off, nervously wondering what this could be all about.

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hi im mafic. pronouns are she/her or they/them. or he/him or whatever the heck you feel like i dont really care.

timezone is same as CHT

ive got some hella social anxiety so im sorry if i ever come off as standoff-ish, i just dont know how to people and tend to keep my distance. dont be afraid to shoot me a message or friend request though, i really dont bite ^^;

also, im the one who manages the fanwork megathread and the public nametag fund, so if you have questions/suggestions/whatever about those feel free to @ me or send a message

WARNING: giant nerd. ball of stress. gets really affectionate when tired. always either talks too much or not at all, there is no in between.


from Hearticorn » February 20, 2019 10:39 AM

-gently slides a lizard towards you- hi

from Shazzbaa » November 03, 2018 02:00 PM

hey everyone mafic is the best. this has been a PSA. Good Lizard Friend A+ Pal

from EonArisen » February 15, 2018 04:44 PM

mafic... what happened to your head...

from Aotani » February 12, 2018 09:56 PM

youre looking very (void) blep today

from Adraxa » December 19, 2017 12:23 PM

okay what’s the layering on what you’re wearing because it’s FABULOUS
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