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The Nightmare by Hyperion won the Writing Spotlight! Once fully inside, the cloud drifted through the house and crept into the bedroom. It had a story of its own to share.
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Moth King of Moths


Joined: June 23, 2016 Active Kith: Squiggles
Birthday: April 27 Kith Alliances: 5
I am: The Moth King Forum Posts: 1741
Call me: YOUR MOTHJESTY Website: N/A
Cheers: 105 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 475 Wishlist: View

Latest Forum Activity

  • 02/20
    Re: Hero, villain, or victim?

    Victim, obviously. You're clearly right out of the mind of Lemony Snicket. You've seen things. Tragic things.

  • 02/20
    Re: New Items: User Submissions!

    Yay Mochi's gift is done!!!

  • 02/19
    Re: Welcome to the death pit we h...

    I can't believe the new remnant is just the setting of Wall-E that's a lie, WALL-E was already part of my theory wall

  • 02/19
    Re: Event Update: Xenia

    Oh hell, were we in the death below all along? Ugh, you do not know how disappointed I am by that. Sheesh, why is this place abandoned, anyway? It looked s- AA PERSON! oh geez i mean *whispers* aaaa person... I'll be honest I wasn't expecting anyone so tall... You are very pretty though, [@Xenia]. Let me tell you about badminton! Lyco knows nothing of recreation, for he is a loser. I happen to be an expert on badminton. Is a sport where you take a shuttlecock, also known as a tiny bird rocket ship, and launch it at your opponents over a net. Then they hit it back. If you play the game correctly, the shuttlecock never touches the ground, and no one wins. Is a very gentile sport. I play it most constantly with my moths... ... oh hell i just realised this is an isolated environment that has probably not had insects introduced to it before. Quick, my subjects, back home before we cause an ecological disaster! also we all IMMEDIATELY NEED GASMASKS before we make all these teenies sick ah geez ah hell ah fuck we're just gonna communicate via intercom until we know we can't ruin the environment or kill everyone, don't worry!

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I am the Moth, King of Moths! Also known as 'resident royalty' and 'the guy crying in the corner'.

You may refer to me as "your Mothjesty", "Sire", "your Worship", or, simply, Moth. Either way you should refer to me using he/him pronouns and the proper royal greeting.

All moths are my subjects by default, but if anyone wants to join my kingdom, all you must do is ask. My army is currently recruiting, as we are in need of soldiers to fight in the impending Great Squirrel War.

Approach me with topics of cosplay, video games, theatre, and trees, and I will answer with much interest. Is not gay for tree (is really gay for tree). Is not all blushy for a fish girl (you know he c;). Self proclaimed Narrator's #1 fan, but considering how many fans there are of him, it's not too unlikely.

If you're new and you got a wishlist grant from me, it means I was prowling the welcome threads.

I've reached the point where I have more art than profile, so here's an album: Here

Lovely to meet you! c:

Art Shop
Storytime Corner (canon book based writing thread)
Outfit Thread
Custom Shop

Moth Coat of Arms by Himothchi (i luv it)

Moth Kingdom Members:
Ser Laurel Nobilis, Knight of Grace
Ser TheHeroicOne
Knight Lieutenant Umbralumen
Ser bloodshadow64
Ser Lapin litenkanin
Snek Knight Grand Officer Voldemortimer
the Most Honourable Himothchi, Marquis de Moths
Kochab, Knave of Moths, Master of Mischief and Mayhem
Skeleboy Mafic, the One With the Shovel
Sir Elfy, Knight of Cabbage
Ser Fancymermen
Ser Shazzbaa Knight of the Cute
Ser Boo the Incorrigible
Ser Parda, the Nerd
Ser Drax

Picture by Schience (Who I love very very much)

"A benevolent and cheerful ruler, usually accompanied by his loyal subjects. What do you mean they're butterflies? No- stop! Ok- same difference, really!!" -Quinineer

"owns many moths, they are good and pure moths. A big fan of the tree people, very good. Has a very nice totally-not-butterflies outfit! Impressive typing skills for a moth. Better than me! 10/10" -TheHeroicOne

"A moth with a keyboard. A very good moth that loves trees and his subjects. Likes theatre quite a bit. Overall, one of the most interesting and kind moths I have ever met." -Pastelion

"A wonderful moth friend and benevolent ruler, who never ceases to bring a smile to my face (along with their subjects). Really loves the Dryads (and therefore has good taste). Sent everyone super sweet Palentine's gifts. 10/10 would befriend again. I just hope they don't get too tired hopping from key to key!" -Himochi

"The coolest Moth King around, beautiful color pallet happening on their avatar rn. Is currently blind I think? also i heard they were gay for tree" -Flowerly

Picture by Ko

Morty is the BEST and keeps drawing cute pictures

Morty is beautiful and lovely and very much loved. I love Morty more than silk.


from Haiz » February 20, 2019 05:30 PM

the moth wings are so absolutely excellent

from Himochi » February 15, 2019 11:03 PM

-whispery- It's me!! I'm Mochi!! I'm in disguise! If PA doesn't know who I am maybe I can sneak into where he's hiding and call him cute to his face.....

from Himochi » February 14, 2019 04:25 PM

Ahhh Mothy your avatar is so cute for Palentines!! We have matchy skirts! :D

from Aotani » February 11, 2019 06:06 PM

;//u//; i'm honored

from Aotani » February 11, 2019 01:11 PM

official badass?? //
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