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bip {PALE BLUE CYBORG ENTRY} bip by Sheap won the Avatar Spotlight! Coming from an utopian future to share the most valuable gift, a bottle of future bleach.
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Space Invader

Joined: August 26, 2017 Active Kith: Valor
Birthday: Private Kith Alliances: 1
I am: weird Forum Posts: 36
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  • 01/31
    Re: Gwen's Art Shop - FULL

    Hi there! I love your art style so much, and it is just too good of a fit for my OC Gale to not comission you. Can I reserve a spot? I'll add all the details you need later on. Details: I'd like to have a coloured bust for this character: If you know about D&D, Gale is an Air Genasi. If that doesn't mean anything to you, Genasi are basically people with elemental energy inside them. Gale is the air-variant of Genasi. The energy changes their appearance, so he looks quite strange compared to other people. His skin is a light blue that turns into the colour of storm clouds when he feels an intense emotion. In fact, when he was a kid he was bullied for it. They teased and embarrassed him on purpose to make him change colour. He has blue markings in the shape of swirls on his neck, back and upper arms. He is very thin, but what he lacks in muscle he makes up for in agility. He looks androgynous, because air don't care about gender and neither does he. He has shoulder-length, stark white hair that seemingly floats around his head without any wind manipulating it. He wears clothes that are comfortable to him. Meaning very, very baggy and flowy. His main costume is a wide and flowy deep blue robe with rims that are embroided in this pattern: https://goo.gl/images/VZZErH (second circle from the outside) with gold coloured thread. He has a flute and he carries a crude, curved shortsword with him, but he doesn't have much equipment besides that. His general appearance is very ostentatious, he seemingly wants all the attention on him in any room he enters. Edit: here is the link to a previous art piece. It's beautiful but didn't completely capture the carefreeness and slickness I was going for, plus the fact that he actually has pupils and his eyes aren't just grey globes: http://imgur.com/mqB2vHd

  • 01/20
    Re: Defeat Professor Stuffy!

    I pull a new violin from my bag, cast the feather from last time aside and play (after having practiced some) an emchanting melody, so that the moths will try to eat the book

  • 01/11
    Re: Defeat Professor Stuffy!

    I try to play the violin while I've never done that before (sounds ear-splitting) and then, with my magic skills turn my violin into a blue feather and attempt to tickle prof. Stuffy to death

  • 01/11
    Re: Add/Drop/Change a Letter


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from Voldemortimer » November 10, 2018 10:44 PM

thank you!! i love your outfit as well! the moths seem very drawn to your fiddling skills ;D

from Celia » November 01, 2017 05:16 PM

Hi there.
*starts following and helping you everywhere*

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