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Tree Friend by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight!
I don't know if anyone noticed, but I'm a big fan of the dryads, so I decided to make a little bust figure of one of my tree friends, to show my devotion to them.
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Glitch in the System

Joined: June 22, 2016 Active Kith: Ira
Birthday: December 15 Kith Alliances: 12
I am: a cartoonist! Forum Posts: 2392
Call me: she/her Website: Shazzbaa.com
Cheers: 307 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 2166 Wishlist: View

Latest Forum Activity

  • 03/24
    Re: MagpieMalarkey

    I!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!! I already yelled about this but I legit want this NPC..... i want to befriend them............. i wanna do their quests...............

  • 03/24
    Re: Skittery Stagehand

    So Phos contacted me about a commission a while back...... after making the skittery castwick I felt confident enough to give it a try: Ramen Angelly!!!! ............ oh no now i just want ramen..........................

  • 03/23
    Re: Skittery Stagehand

    [@Battery] Absolutely!! :D Thank you so much!

  • 03/23
    Re: Shazz doodles

    AAAA THANK U ALL..... 🙏UR SO KIND.... thank you for appreciating this ridiculous fusion......... Speaking of ridiculous fusions, another quick scribble of Spider without her coat and apron, yes, this is Fine And Normal, and also Spider's kith Stagehand allies!! She has Improved them: (I also, uh, got very excited about leggy castwick and may or may not have a potential Custom Kith of them to be sponsored,,,)

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Just your Friendly Neighbourhood Definitely-Not-Evil Landlord!
  • Please do not set the dorm on fire, unleash ancient evils in the common room, or rip holes in the fabric of reality anywhere on the dormitory property.

  • Please remember that your landlord's repairs budget is already strained by the generous pet policy made to accommodate the kith, and keep housing affordable for everyone by not unleashing apocalypses on the premises.

  • Seriously, I shouldn't have to remind you guys of this so much. It's pretty straight-forward.

  • For legal reasons, please keep all magic designed to detect or destroy "evil" to a minimum within the dormitory. Thank you.



(Hey, have you read the webcomic Runewriters? It's at Runewriters.com and I hear it's pretty good.)


from ShadetoShade » March 21, 2019 07:38 AM

Someday a child in a hat will take the flask and throw it at him. Someday he will be blue. Someday...

from Moth King of Moths » March 02, 2019 12:14 AM

.///. oh golly! for the cutest of cutes to call me cute...suchahonor

from Leslie » March 01, 2019 04:41 AM

The Recolor Suggestions thread was a great idea!

from Hyperion » March 01, 2019 04:35 AM

Thank you so much! It's been a pretty gloomy winter here, so I'm ready for spring!

from Adraxa » February 21, 2019 06:57 PM

hello mr hellfire ceo
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