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The Sea Snake by Kochab won the Kith Spotlight!
Grape, a Cinis from the Enchanted Forest, has made her way into the Coral Reef and--eaten through it!!??
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Joined: October 23, 2016 Active Kith: octo
Birthday: N/A Kith Alliances: 5
I am: N/A Forum Posts: 1573
Call me: N/A Website: Drawings? Here
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Wishes Granted: 87 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 05/24
    Re: New Items: Art Toys!

    Art Toys Art ois I'd leave that here

  • 05/20
    Re: Andre theory

  • 05/20
    Re: Sheap's Avatars, The topic

    [@ela maia] :D Thank you

  • 05/17
    Re: Are quest items supposed to b...

    Oh, is pretty bummer when you lurk the restock and the item you need NEVER appears... only to appear when you finally decided to decline the quest XD As the people before said, reject quests, at least, if you are planning to play for more than an hour, specially, is the clock is XX:50 or so, and you have not the items For example I rejected a Jay quest that asked me a soap bar, a mop and a cloth drop wich I don't own, but the next one asked me for a broom and a screwdriver wich I actually owned already. For me personally, I usually do the quest that rewards shards, so I finally ended memorizing the usual items they ask for. I reject the quest that ask me for tailoring clothes because it takes a lot of items I don't but that often (the pattern, the dye, the materials...) and accept the vast majority of the food ones because I buy ingredients usually. I tend to buy in bulk if I see a items frequently used, I see a garlic, I buy like 4, I see a peach, I buy all the three... etc. For you, person who is starting, I reccomend to complete the daily quests, very cheap items that are usually requested for quests and the read/play/eat and item, those should help you to build you own stock. And, last but not least... use you wishlist ;) ONE THING MORE! Go to the kith page, and make your kith buy the item you want! Pretty useful, but it can hurt your pocket, so combine it with the get chard kith activity if you are low in shards

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My avatar by Himochi, try the "draw the avatar above you" topic



from Lililira » January 29, 2019 10:35 AM

Thank you for the Olive Oil!

from Voldemortimer » January 16, 2019 11:14 AM

thank you !! you’ve got a real nice avatar yourself, lovin the steampunk aesthetic :D

from MixterVEE » January 08, 2019 09:12 AM

thanks so much! i like yours as well :3

from Inspire » December 16, 2018 01:36 AM

I love your avatar, it's very surprising and super cool!!!

from Amarayne » December 03, 2018 02:02 PM

Hey, same to you! I love how spooky it feels.
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