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Tree Friend by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight!
I don't know if anyone noticed, but I'm a big fan of the dryads, so I decided to make a little bust figure of one of my tree friends, to show my devotion to them.
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Joined: October 20, 2016 Active Kith: Kenaz
Birthday: November 13 Kith Alliances: 11
I am: unarmed Forum Posts: 1385
Call me: she/they c: Website: N/A
Cheers: 218 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 9218 Wishlist: View

Latest Forum Activity

  • 12/29
    Re: Weird drawings

    True!! And I shall fix that right now because yes

  • 12/29
    Re: Quest thread!

    Warning!! If you happen to be getting the sims on your phone turn notifications off!!! I had them on and was woken up at 3 in the morning by that weird sim language REALLY loud because I had my ringer on for my alarm. It was TERRIFYING. That was the first and last time I played the sims.

  • 12/29

    Cabaret is a pretty neat musical! I mean some parts are really awkward to listen to and other have some German and French in them but it's rad. Sadly I haven't seen any of it yet just heard it, so the plot is a little confusing at the moment. And Chess! Chess is a cool musical as well.

  • 12/29
    Re: Weird drawings

    Behold!! A thing!! A thing with a really lame background yes but that's besides the point. New headcannon that Dizzy likes to jump on the dryads shoulders randomly to be higher up. Imagine she tries this with Lenta while they're doing some fancy magic and she knocks them over and everything just blows up. That is all I can think of. nice.

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hell yeah

(hey if I spam you with like, 20 items all I gotta say is oops and that you don't have to send anything in return ;D!)

Titles that do not fit in the 'I am" section*

*the unoffical Hope Light House
*an angry sea tree
*a dark lord of customization (special thanks to Breeze for that one!)

She/her or they/them is cool.
You can call me "The Dark Lord", "You-Know-Who", "Morty", or any other messed up variation of Voldemort. The worse it is the more points you get.
Hmu for some illegal NPC fanfiction books ;)

Current list of nicknames: Morty or Morti, Voldy, Volt, Timer, You-Know-Who-Timer, Vee-Mort.
i love u guys

I'm a very awkward person who spends like 80% of their time lurking. (Adding on to that, if anyone wants to be my friend, feel free to add me! I'm usually too awkward to send a friend request first.) If I ask something really obvious its because I am a very uncertain person sometimes.

aLSO LOOK WHAT MOTHY MADE ME!!! sobs @moth I love you

more art by the wonderful Moth King of Moths!!!


from GhostKitten » November 13, 2018 09:54 PM

you're welcome! tbh I still have like ten of those little tickets... I love Eludance's shows so much

from Science » November 13, 2018 08:38 PM

Ehehe, thanks, and no problemo almost-birthday-twin :D!!

from Science » November 13, 2018 01:11 PM

Happy Birthday Morty!! I hope you have an amazing day :D!!

from Ruevian » November 13, 2018 11:46 AM

good, more decrepit crones to join me in the S W A M P

from Ruevian » November 13, 2018 11:32 AM

hhhhhheeeey is it your birthday
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