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Joined: June 15, 2016 Active Kith: Inkbloom
Birthday: June 26 Kith Alliances: 5
I am: a grump Forum Posts: 424
Call me: not so grump Website: Twitter
Cheers: 19 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 15 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 03/14
    Re: New Recipes: Elven Tea!

    Thank you Othidar. <3

  • 03/13
    Re: I love this tea.

    I'm down to try any tea, I am not picky at all. I think my favs would have to be earl grey or thai iced tea tho. And I'm southern(southern north america) so I feel obligated to put down that I will never turn away any kind of sweet iced tea lol.

  • 03/13
    Re: How did you find this site?

    I actually saw an advertisement on tumblr back when the website wasn't out yet and was on kickstarter. The artist Maya Kern reblogged it and I read everything I could, then decided to back the project!

  • 11/14
    Re: stardew weave? tattered valle...

    TW Robin reminds me of SDV Haley, at the start anyway. TW Iris is totally SDV Evelyn. TW Jay is totally SDV Leah! TW Andre kind of reminds me of SDV Harvey, both cautious personalities and stuff!

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Hi! I'm Dahl. Drop a msg to me if you'd like to join the Tattered Weave Discord channel!

A small bit of info. ;u;
I'm 24. She/her. I am currently a college student studying sociology. I like reading, pet sites, final fantasy anything and all kinds of art!!

I am a LOT easier to reach on the TW Discord coz of school. ;u;

Current TW goal is to finish my Hope University Cooking station!


from Ruevian » November 10, 2018 01:12 PM

okay now that is a cute look

from Battery » November 03, 2017 09:56 PM

Thank you so much! Your avatar is fantastic too!

from Wandering Mask » October 27, 2017 10:20 PM

Thank you very much! Yours is lovely as well. :)

from fancy » October 25, 2017 04:21 PM

Thank you kind Dahl /o/ !!! You look very comfy and cozy yourself! Preparing for the long winter nap? :P !!

from Dread » March 31, 2017 11:36 PM

Hi Friend!
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