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Devoted to Elliot

Joined: September 16, 2017 Active Kith: Unravel
Birthday: August 13 Kith Alliances: 18
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  • 04/24
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    Another pang runs through Kazuya's gut as the gentleman raises the lady's hand towards his lips and then- .....doesn't follow through? ......huh. .......odd. Before he can wonder too much at the action, the gentleman is proposing a course of action. ......yes. FUCK YES, this is good. This is smart. Alright, FUCK yah, let's do this. He starts to follow the others out as- “That sounds like a solid plan, unless….well does anyone else have any weapons….By the way, my title is the Lost Girl here- but don’t let my name deceive you, I’m perfectly capable here.” As the sui- The Lost Girl spoke, she drew a sword, to display her own weapon. Kazuya glances around as the rest of the group makes their way out into the hallway before responding. The shy, nervous one who has not said anything yet continuous to do exactly that, sticking close to the gentleman and looking more nervous as The Lost Girl pulls her sword. The..... floating.......one.... ................. w-......why........ was it fucking floating.....anyway........ now that he was taking a moment to process the other guests...... was. Was this one.... fucking human....? Probably fucking not. ............... they are real fucking shiny. They move on with out comment and open a door as well. ..........he. Technically does not have to answer The Lost Girl's question. Everyone else is ignoring her. He could just. Let it slide. OR. Or he could just. Mention his pocket knife! Then he would technically be telling the truth, without mentioning the weirdness that was.... his.... han......... ........fuck. He left his knife with fucking Jones FUCK. FUCK. THE BASTARD NEVER GAVE IT BACK FUUUUUUUUU- "I'm armed," Kazuya says simply as he reaches the gentleman and the nervous kid. He slows for just a moment to give the poor kid a pat on the shoulder with his right hand. "Chin up kid. You ain't alone here." He moves on to the fourth door and turns the nob with his right hand. He steps back as he opens the door, left hand hanging casually at his side.

  • 04/22
    Re: Dr. Shazzbaa's Surgery [PLUSH...

    [@Himochi] Novu will be able to cuddle a proxy version of u and I'm here for it [/quote] [@Ruevian] LOOK ................ .....yes but also I’m doing all ya’ll a service by sponsoring the first one so the rest are recolors. GET THOSE PLUSHIES!

  • 04/22
    Re: Fusion RP: Never Split The Pa...

    ”Hold on a moment.” Kazuya tenses. No. No, there isn’t time. The gentleman continues on, and Kazuya bristles. Yes. Yes we do have limited time and resources. Which is why we need to get MOVING- ”-does anyone know what time it is?” ........fUCK! Why had that?? Slipped Kazuya’s mind? Of course he should be budgeting time, he needs to know how much time they have to work with here. He glances down at his wrist. The golden watch that adorns it stares back at him. The screen is cracked, the hour hand frozen on seven. Kazuya gives the watch a glare of disdain. The man had continued speaking, something about Beetle. Kazuya only half heard it. But something was making him feel... a little less on edge. Maybe he should listen. Maybe this guy had some ideas. He glances back up. The lady in the nice suit is saying something about the gentleman being right. And touching his hair. There is a pang - deep, deep in Kazuya’s gut. It is an all too familiar feeling. One he has not felt this strongly in over a decade. Why. The FUCK. Is he feeling this right fucking now????????? Fucking??????? Hnnnnnnnnnnnn HE DOESNT. HAVE TIME. FOR FUCKING. STUPID JEALOUS SCHOOL BOY FUCKING NONESENSE OVER A GUY HE LITERALLY JUST MET WHAT THE FUCK KAZUYA???!?!?!? “You’se probably ain’t gonna find the time here,” he interrupts, walking back into the room and up to the gentleman and the woman, leaving the other more anxious to leave party member at the door. He holds his watch out for them both to see the broken face. “Least. Not without a good search. You’se dealt with the Beatle bastard too? He ain’t about simple and easy and straightforward. I’se aint tryin’ to rush into things foolhardy. I’se promise you that. I’m thinkin’ this through. We need answers. And we’se ain’t gonna get them standing here talking. We’se gotta start searching. We’se can talk once we’se find things to talk about. And to do that we’se gots to go find them first.” He stops, staring down at the gentleman, noticing just how many steaks of white there are now that he’s so up close. Was that what the lady was talking about? One of Kazuya’s ears flick. Fucking..... is THAT a new nervous tick now??? He’s starting to hate it.

  • 04/21
    Re: Fusion RP: Now Entering Mask ...

    [Banquet. Alone.] There was a shift. Like chess pieces were being taken from one board and moved to another. And Seven, tiny little pawn, was being left behind. They watched as, one after another, every person they had met at the ball so far was called away. They clutched their notebook closely to them and payed as close attention as they could to what was happening. One person was normal. Two people? Eh. But every single person? In rapid fire succession? Something was wrong. They watched; they observed. They memorized everything they could; the people each one of the guests left with, what they looked like, what masks they were wearing, their clothing, where they exited. ....that was strange. One person was talking to thin air.....? No time, the next person is leaving. Memorizes that route. Finally, things calm. The minutes tick by. No one returns. Not a single person Seven has met remains. Seven clutches the notebook more tightly to themselves. They feel the remaining crowd towering over them. In a sea of people, Seven is alone.

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from Himochi » April 16, 2019 07:34 AM

novu so cute

from Adraxa » February 21, 2019 07:51 PM

you look so cool and spacey aaaaaaa

from Shazzbaa » February 15, 2019 11:49 PM


from Leslie » February 09, 2019 11:34 PM

WOAH novu, EPIC avatar!

from GhostKitten » February 02, 2019 07:27 PM

oh no I broke your perfect cheer count u_u why do I keep doing that
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